The Hippie Movement During The Late 1960's

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During the late 1960’s there was a great number of cultural differences and influences The Hippies are a perfect example of how their thoughts and beliefs outline America’s viewpoints on what was happening in the culture during the late 1960’s. Though some Americans fully despised hippies, being on allowed expressed of many beliefs in the younger generation. The real jump start of the Hippie movement was the protest in San Francisco Cal. in 1967. From there the Hippie movement pooled from California to the rest of the US to even Canada and Great Britain (THE HUMAN BE-IN OFFERS GLIMPSE OF SUMMER LOVE[A2]). College students or Yippies took an immediate liking to the beliefs of the Hippies because it expressed similar viewpoints. Hippies pushed…show more content…
Yes, the did the conventional protest of blocking streets with masses of people and signs, but they also protested through music and musical protests. Hippie beliefs influenced countless artists, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Doors, and countless others(Hippie Movement, Music). As a result of that Hippies could protest and express their viewpoints through music. Hippie influenced music, help share viewpoints on the Vietnam war and the draft, to womens rights and the sex revultion (Rock and Folk Music). Protesting through music also gave hippies a chance to protest through as a concert. Most famous of these concert protests would be Woodstock. Woodstock was a place where music, people, and the meaning in the music united for a greater meaning(Diltz). That really only the hippies could fully…show more content…
With both of these, Hippies pushed social boundaries, away from the social norms, of the more conservative era they grew up in. Both of these some what go hand in hand because hippies believed that what you did to your body was really your business and that no one has the right to tell you what you can’t do. With the sex revolution Hippies expressed that having sex was a natural thing, and men shouldn’t not be able to dictate what a women did to her body, because of this belief the idea of abortion was introduced (Hippies 1960’s). The women’s rights movement the Hippies helped influenced that women should be treated as equal as men. Through protest like the ‘Burning of the bra’s’ women expressed that they are in every way as equal as men, in rights, and in the workforce(Brooks). Many of this influenced by hippie beliefs alongside many other cultural imbalances. Even though Hippies help influenced so many things we know to today in our culture, during that time period hippies were very much detested. The older generation viewed hippies as dirty druggies, that were dead beats, avoiding the draft. Some even thought hippies were part a cults, because of their open views. Such as “Free love”, “ Make love, not war.” People also despised Hippies support of the recreational use of marijuana and LSD. The felt that they were trying to brainwash the younger generation

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