Teen Gun Violence Thesis Statement

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Teen Gun Violence Teenage gun violence is illegal violence involving a teenager (thirteen – eighteen) these illegal actions include murder, robbery, burglary, drug dealing and/or using and many more “Firearms are the weapon of choice in most homicides (86 percent) committed by juveniles.” (Wilson, 1). Thesis Statement: Teen gun violence is the second leading cause in teen death in the United States. When it comes to teenage gun violence gangs are one of the leading origins. “A gang is a group of people who claim a territory and use it to make money through illegal activities” (https://www.dosomething.org/facts/11-facts-about-gangs ). Teens are the main target for these gang to commit there illegal activities. They promise these teens money, cars, and drugs as long as they stay…show more content…
A member of a gang will do anything to get a teen into a gang because he that gang member know that the teen will believe anything he saying. These gang member won’t stop until they get what they want and when that teens finally joins that gang they will make him do random crimes to make the community scared of that gang they will rob people, break into their houses and tag there sign or logo on peoples house to let them know they have been there and the community will be petrified of what the local gangs will do to retaliate not knowing that the people who did it are the same teens that are growing up in that community. Crime is a gang’s number one goal and while the leaders of these gangs sit back and relax the young teens are the ones committing these crimes for example murder, robbery, assault with deadly weapon, attempted murder and many more are don’t by these teens. They give these teens guns without proper training and send them into the streets with them. Teenage gangs are linked to 40% of this countries

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