A Long Way Gone Essay

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The story took place in Sierra Leone, a place where democracy is now being slowly re-established after the civil war. It is located in western Africa. The war started from 1991 to 2002, killing thousands of lives of innocent people. Towns and cities were destroyed. Children were taken away from their families and were forced to work and become child soldiers. Women became sex slaves and were forced to work for the rebel groups to provide them their fundamental needs. Before reading the book called ‘A Long Way Gone', I researched about Sierra Leone Civil War. During the research, I learned that this place went through many difficulties. And, before doing any research about it, I already knew that Sierra Leone was one of those countries in Africa.…show more content…
There’s good health care and education. In Sierra Leone, there’s hardly any children that goes to school. Why? It’s because the country is too busy trying to solve their problem in terms of health care, rebels, and others. Families cannot afford to send their kids to learn, so instead, children are forced to work at a young age. Sierra Leone is extremely poor. The reason is because the country is still recovering from the war. As a teenager, my daily life consist of waking up, eating breakfast, going to school, then going back home to eat and sleep. For Sierra Leoneans of my age, their daily life might differ from me. It may be waking up before sunset to go work so they could provide food for their family. For me, there’s freedom. Life is easier with what I have right now. But as for those who live in Sierra Leone, their life is much harder than mine. Lastly, you could see the big difference if you were to visit their country from ours. Ours might be bigger and better, but as for them, theirs are smaller. You could see unfinished or broken houses everywhere. Broken walls and gun shots can be heard all over. Lots of people are unemployed or is either working in the fields in order to support their families. We are lucky to live in a country where freedom and human rights
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