Religious Symbols In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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Raymond Carver even wasn’t religious but still use religions symbols in his stories. When I read one of Carver’s story named “Cathedral” which is the one of his famous story, and one where we can find a lot of religion symbols. The story is about two men; sitting in one room, talking, drinking scotch and even smoking marijuana. One of them whose name is Robert he is completely blind, the other is husband of wife who invite Robert to their house. Carver’s characters in all his stories could either be him or people he knows really well, in this story narrator is a Raymond. When narrator turned on television and program is about cathedrals even narrator is not man of religion, and hi is watching the show only because he has nothing else to do. Robert asking to describe cathedral to him. But when he attempts to describe the cathedral that’s shown on television, he realizes he can’t to do that, he doesn’t have the words even doesn’t know how to start to do that. The reason why he can’t describe cathedral to Robert is that he doesn’t believe in anything and can’t find those words cathedral has no meaning for him, than Robert suggest to do that together. Symbolism of the cathedral to the narrator, at first just as mere building of an interesting shape, then as Robert touch him with his kindly hand and follows that he draws.

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