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To a larger extent Pablo Escobar was successful in dominating the drug world and Columbian Politics from 1975 to 1993 as he became the largest supplier of cocaine in the United State. Escobar controlled 80% of the cocaine smuggled into the United states (source A). This made him one of the most powerful drug lords and by the mid-1980s, the seventh richest man in the world according to Forbes (source B). Pablo Escobar also dabbled in the political areas of Columbia where he was elected to be an alternative in the House of Representatives for the Columbian Liberal party (source C). To a smaller extent as Pablo Escobar failed to obtain his political position as he was publicly attacked by members of his own party and was ultimately forced to resign which shed light on his illegal doings (source C) and he lost grip on his supremacy as he fled from La Catedral and spent his last year running from the authorities (source F)…show more content…
Columbia. He came from a poor home with his father being a peasant farmer and his mother a school teacher. From a young age he was packed with drive and ambition. He told all his friends and family that he wanted to be the president of Columbia, but he instead went the less noble route and began a life of crime starting as a street thief, stealing cars among other things. He later moved onto smuggling cigarettes and marijuana and this was during the “Malboro Wars”, which was valuable training for his smuggling career (source A). he worked under a man named Alvaro Prieto, a contraband smuggler from Medellin (source D). This helped Escobar become a millionaire by just 22 years of age (source

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