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One of the most occurrent types of evidence found in a crime scene is hair. Forensic hair analysis is able to determine a specific suspect at the crime scene or exclude a suspect. Physical contact is one of the ways that hairs are able to be transferred, and the type of hair is important when collecting evidence. Forensic hair analysis, which is also known as hair drug testing, is used for the detection of many therapeutic drugs and recreational drugs including cocaine, heroin, benzodiazepines and amphetamines (Balikova, 2005). This method is more frequently seen in forensic toxicology field and has gained increasing attention as it is one of the commonly used formats of detecting whether drugs are in an individual's system and recognition…show more content…
The cause of death (COD) is as what the crime scene suggests: a drug overdose. It seems that the case is quite clear: the case seemed pretty open and shut; a drug addict simply overdosed or the amount of drugs she took this time, went over what body was able to tolerate and died. However, our meticulous investigators found that most long time drug addicts will not have “neat” houses, as most drug users would not have the mental capability of keeping their home tidy. While, it seems strange that our victim not only lived in a neat house but an “extremely neat one”, which sparked controversy in ruling her death as a suicide. Especially when an individual is suicidal, their mental state is certainly not in an organisational capacity, and the crime scene was too tidy for a claim such as suicide. By running forensic hair analysis which includes extracting hair sample from the victim, we found that there was no sign of engaging in drugs in the past ten months, which proves that her mother’s statement was true: Jenny Smith (the victim) had given up drugs for nearly one year. By the usage of fingerprint analysis of using magnetic powder, we confirmed the print to match her ex-husband. In addition, the signature on the note are proved to be fake through handwriting analysis and was a suspected forgery by the victim’s

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