Essay On Why Alcohol Should Be Banned

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“Should Alcohol Be Banned?” The Marijuana Tax Act, was passed in 1937 stating that marijuana is dangerous to the body and can cause individuals to harm others. This became a gateway to other drugs like: cocaine, heroin and ecstasy to be banned, yet alcohol is one of the most abused substance and still legal. It has too much power, in which it can control people’s inhibitions and actions in a negative way, not to mention the health risk and decomposition of one’s body. Alcohol is detrimental to mental and physical health because the abuse of this toxic substance can bring: anemia, cancer, cardiovascular disease and cirrhosis, which is more fatal to women abusers than men. Hence, alcohol should be banned altogether, abuser or not because the consumption is addictive and leaves the mind to think for itself. It's like a driver not being in control of their car, but the wheel steering on its own, in any…show more content…
Despite alcohol being a way to escape one's problems and to free up one’s mind, the risk is too high because not only can the actions of the user affect them, but the people around them as well. It is a leading cause in death as far as car accidents involving teenage drivers. Alcohol is detrimental to one mind and body, so by abusing this substance, it can cause a minute sickness like hallucinations or be as harmful as cancer. Therefore, liquor should be illegal and laws should protect innocent citizens from abusers alcohol consumption. There are few benefits and the consequence of its misuse causes a negative impact to the society. The government and concerned citizens need to encourage debate and raise awareness of the tax alcohol places on ones body and community. From this, Americans can make a change and eventually ban this toxic that is abused and killing the future leaders of

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