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Bill Murray has affected many people because of the way he lived his life; he made many people laugh, and he was a great actor. He also made many funny movies that was a great hit to many. He affected people by showing them that there is always a smile in something. And the way he lived his life many people thought he wasn’t going to be such a great hit but he changed that. Bill Murray was born in Illinois, born on September 21, 1950 (bio .com). His parents had five kids he was the fifth one to be born. He was in boy scouts and little league baseball team but was thrown out of both of them for being a bad kid, most of his teachers said he was brilliant but was a terrible student (Bill Murray Biography). In high school he was a lead singer…show more content…
In 1981 he married his first wife Margaret Kelly on Super bowl sunday, also had two sons, named Homer and Luke ( Bill had a second wife named Jennifer Butler and had 4 kids with her. She was the first female page at NBC. Bill made a real fan favorite called Stripes in 1981, it was about him and a friend that had crappy a crappy life and went into the military and made complete fools out of themselves but in the end they saved a bunch of people that got caught for trying to find bill and his friend that went awall, He also made a movie called Tootsie in 1982 ( Bill Murray was the first guess on the late night show in 1982 (Bill Murray Biography). He caught many people off guard when he starred and co-wrote a movie called The Razor’s Edgein in 1984. Bill also made GHostbusters in 1984 it was about a bunch of friends saving the world from ghost. After that he kinda fell off the grid, he only came around for comedy little shop of horrors in 1986. He also only made cameo View in 1986. Star rolled in a fan favorite called scrooged a comedic version of the christmas carol in 1988. Then in 1989 he made another fan favorite, ghostbusters two

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