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Hymowitz starts her essay by sharing her childhood and then continues into the three main problems she is concern about tweens. Tweens are children who are anywhere form eight years old to twelve years old. She describes them as “a phenomenon that grows out of a complicated mixture of biology, demography and the predictable assortment of bad ideas.” She describes the three main problems she has, Hymowitz says that her first main problem is children who do not want to be old fashion, and they want to dress, act and be like adults. The girls start to wear makeup when they just in the sixth grade. The girls also wear provocative clothes at a very young age. However she makes a very good point about it. She says that if children are wearing such…show more content…
The kids are having sex at a very early age. And it all seems as if it was a normal thing to do at that age. The counselors have even seen girls in the 6th grade pregnant but it all seems like “oh look, how cute she is pregnant” as if it is no big deal. Her third problem is kids doing drugs and alcohol. Kids smoke marijuana and they do not see it as a bad thing; to them is just a normal thing to do at their age. That is why she thinks that parents are unaware of the behavior these children are having. As well as maybe they do know what their children are doing. They talk about sex and drugs as if it was normal. Well they must have seen or heard it form someone. Hymowitz also thinks that social media, TV and Internet have a lot to do with it. And I do agree. If the kids are not getting it form their parents than it has to be form social media. When they are only 8 to 12 years old. It is a young age. She says parents should be more aware of their children. They should give them more time, more attention. She says how some parents instead of eating breakfast with them, they give their tweens $3 dollars so they can get something form dinner. The kids obviously are unattended which is why the kids do what they

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