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  • Knowledge Management Literature Review

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    examination viewpoint. On the other hand, past literary works will be additionally discussed regarding the artificial intelligence in knowledge management. This will help in raising awareness about the previous works in this area of research. The writing will further talk about the part of Artificial

  • Strategic Management Case Study

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    Introduction This study on public sector strategic management is focused on the impact of leadership styles and organization culture. It draws primary conclusions from the case study of the Local Government Councils (LGCs) in Nigeria. The study is presented in a sequential order of five chapters. This chapter introduces the study in six headings. First, the background of the study: this gives a summary of the evolution of strategic management in practice and in research. Secondly, the current challenges

  • Project Management Failure

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    Abstract Software project management is one of the most challenging in software development. A wrong decision could jeopardize the complete project and cause millions of dollars of loss to the company. Therefore the top leadership, project managers and the software development team should be aware of the risks and the inherent risks affecting a software project to be failed. By minimizing these risk factors driving a project to success is the main objective of an organization. Many studies have

  • Objectives Of Waste Management

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    (WTE) The objective of the MSW management is to reduce the quantity of solid waste by several methods. The MSW management is the application of suitable techniques and procedures for waste reduction based on the sources to achieve waste reduction and effective management of waste still after waste reduction. The basic procedures include storage and segregation of collected wastes into compostable, recyclable and inert components. There are various types of waste management practices available depending

  • The Pros And Cons Of Community-Based Forest Management

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    And given with different combination of co-management arrangements in the area of natural resource management, thus one existing model in our Region as an illustration of this co-management arrangement is the Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) Project covering the Negros Occidental Watershed initiated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) as the lead agency. Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) was created thru an Executive Order No. 263 on July 19

  • Risk Analysis In Risk Management

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    categorized like high and low. Risk analysis makes you project Successful it’s all about how your analysis accurately, the probable likelihood of impact and occurrence of risks. Identify risk analysis which helps to save cost, time and status. Risk Management Issues Risk analysis is to identify threats

  • Literature Review On Performance Management

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    performance management. This study mainly builds on the strategic HRM literature (Huselid 1995; Becker & Gerhart, 1996; Wright, Dunford & Snell, 2001) and employee performance management literature (Fletcher 2001; Armstrong & Baron 2002; Den Hartog, Boselie & Paauwe, 2004; DeNisi & Pritchard, 2006). In addition, this theoretical framework elaborates on the goal-setting theory (Locke & Latham 1990, 2002) and the social cognitive theory (Bandura, 1986).

  • Importance Of Disaster Management

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    These activities are categorized as disaster preparedness, disaster response, disaster recovery, post disaster epidemiological surveillance, environmental management and disaster mitigation. Generally the governments have a responsibility to protect people within their territory from harm, including such diverse threats as terrorists to deadly diseases. This responsibility also means protecting them from disasters

  • Mubadala Swot Analysis Strategic Management

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    international operation management. It partners with leading global organizations to operate businesses across a wide range of industry sectors including aerospace, energy and industry, healthcare, information communications and technology, infrastructure and real estate. By doing so, Mubadala accomplishes its mission to expand the economic base of the Emirate and contribute to the growth and diversification of its economy Mubadala founded to lead global provider of operation management product manufacturing

  • Disadvantages Of Knowledge Management System

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    A knowledge Management System refers to the "set of business processes developed in an organization to create, store, transfer and apply knowledge". There are three types of Knowledge Management system. They are: 1) An Enterprise-Wide Knowledge Management System: This type of Knowledge Management System acquires stores and disseminates digital content and knowledge. Enterprise-Wide KM systems deals with three different types of knowledge. These are: -Structured Knowledge; which consists of formal