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What is Change Management? Also known as change control, the process of change management ensures the controlled processing of all changes. These changes relate to business infrastructure, applications, and processes. They may be emergency maintenance or standard changes. Change management is a list of procedures used to manage all software and hardware modifications. It minimizes disruption of IT systems and services. Without it, unexpected system outages can hamper the activities of citizens and government agencies. What is the goal of change management? The process of change management minimizes service downtime. Its goal is to ensure the recording, evaluation, authorization, prioritization, planning, testing, implementing, documenting,…show more content…
It is important and useful to know how to challenge IT management effectively. Why is it important to audit the change management process? The goal of the audit is to determine the structure of control in introducing the changes to the applications and systems. Auditors analyze the internal control of the change management practices to determine if the procedures are aligned with best practices. They also determine if the changes meet the needs of the business, and if there are appropriate tests and approvals before the implementation of the changes. They check if there is approval and justification for the emergency changes. Also, they assess if controls are in place to allow only tested and authorized changes. What is change management policy? Change management policy includes rules, principles, and guidelines adopted or formulated by an organization to fulfill its…show more content…
Change management controls create a framework that includes policies and processes. These controls consist of roles and responsibilities, impact assessment, risk-based change classification and prioritization, change authorization and approval, status and tracking of changes, and impact on data integrity. They also create and management version control of every change. These controls enforce roles and responsibilities involving technical functions and business process owners. Change management controls create audit trails and record management practices to ensure appropriate reporting and elevation of timely management changes. These controls consider the effect of 3rd-party service providers on the entire change management

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