2.2: Explain The Differences Between Leadership And Management

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2.2 Explain the difference between leadership and management. The biggest difference between manager and the leaders is the way they motivate people who work for them or follow them. Management jobs we can realize that we cannot buy hearts, especially to follow them down a difficult path and act as leaders too. The differences of the management and leadership which is management people will be more work focus but people who have leadership skill which will people focus. Work focus which related to the college environment show that the lecturer will be focusing on their work which is they don’t care about the student are paying attention or not they just finish their work and let the student dismiss or break so this is show the lecturer just focusing the work done does not care about the student. But for the lecturer which have the leadership they are more on people focus that mean the lecturer will not rush to finish their class as soon as possible they will giving some example so that the student will be understand what they want to deliver to the student, this what the difference of the management and leadership. Next, the different between management and leadership which is their want are not same. Management people want the…show more content…
As a human we need motivation due to sometime we may faces some difficult problem in our life it may beat us down and making us feeling to give up what we do right now that why as a human we needed motivation to maintain our mental to keep going on what we doing and achieve the thing what we expect for and fulfil our need. Motivation is the process that guide individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward achieving the goal set by us. Therefore as a lecturer also needs motivation because in the teaching field it needed lot of passion to continue and it stress when conducting the class so lecturer must be motivate always to maintaining the passion on this

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