Objectives Of Waste Management

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CHAPTER-2 OPTIONS FOR ENERGY RECOVERY 2.1 Waste to Energy (WTE) The objective of the MSW management is to reduce the quantity of solid waste by several methods. The MSW management is the application of suitable techniques and procedures for waste reduction based on the sources to achieve waste reduction and effective management of waste still after waste reduction. The basic procedures include storage and segregation of collected wastes into compostable, recyclable and inert components. There are various types of waste management practices available depending on the characterization of waste generated which are divided into two main categories, Thermochemical and Biological processes.WTE is a treatment option for solid waste which results in…show more content…
It can treat wastes with a high calorific value such as plastics, old tyres etc. The yield and composition of products depend upon reactor system, type of waste, heating rate, gas residence time, pressure, temperature and presence of catalysts. By thermogravimetry analysis it is concluded that there are three stages of typical pyrolysis process. The first stage, pre-pyrolysis occurs at temperature range of 120 and 200oC (Chhiti et al, 2013) with a slight weight loss and in this stage only bond breakage, appearance of carbonyl groups and formation of ions take place. Small amounts of water, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are also released. The second stage is known as solids decomposition process and results in significant weight loss from the solid waste. The last stage is char devolatilization caused by further cleavage of C-H and C-O…show more content…
The syngas can be used for efficient production of energy due to its high caloric content or as a raw material for the production of chemical substances like methanol. The vitrified slag is inert for leaching processes and can be used as a building material additive. The heat source is plasma arc torches that produce very high temperature up to 15,000 °C (Lemmens et al, 2007). The plasma torch is an independent heat source and controls temperature independently without being affected from fluctuations in the feed quality and supply of air/oxygen/steam needed to gasify the

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