The Pros And Cons Of Community-Based Forest Management

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Week 3 Assignment Social capital according to Szreter and Woolcock, is identifying the nature and extent of the impact of social relationships, while Burt said that social capital is said to be the advantage of created by the location individuals occupy in the network which is significant in organizations, and is similarly said to be as a social resources or assets that reside in structures or networks that have measures of cooperation, reciprocity, trust, information and cohesion norms. As such some advantages of social capital were said to be the bonding social capital networks which have ties that have to connect people and can, therefore, provide a sense of shared purpose and/or support to any organization, another is the bridging…show more content…
And given with different combination of co-management arrangements in the area of natural resource management, thus one existing model in our Region as an illustration of this co-management arrangement is the Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) Project covering the Negros Occidental Watershed initiated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) as the lead agency. Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) was created thru an Executive Order No. 263 on July 19, 1995 which will then serve as a national strategy to ensure the sustainable development of the country’s forestland resources and providing mechanism for its implementation as it is accorded in the 1987 Philippine Constitution, Article II, Section 16, wherein it said to provide protection and advancement of the right of the Filipino people to a healthful and balanced…show more content…
As such this steering committee shall then said to formulate and develop policy and guidelines that will then create incentives and conditions that will necessarily carry out this co-management arrangement as such that the said lead agency shall then work in cooperation with the Local Government Units, People’s Organizations, Non-Government Organizations and other concerned agencies and organizations in order to help ensure that communities are empowered, organized for the benefit of the said program and/or

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