Project Management Failure

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Abstract Software project management is one of the most challenging in software development. A wrong decision could jeopardize the complete project and cause millions of dollars of loss to the company. Therefore the top leadership, project managers and the software development team should be aware of the risks and the inherent risks affecting a software project to be failed. By minimizing these risk factors driving a project to success is the main objective of an organization. Many studies have already been conducted in this field by researchers and the most vital factor is identified as project management. The purpose of this dissertation is to conduct an empirical study on Sri Lankan IT industry and validating the success and failure factors…show more content…
Further they have emphasized that the environmental factors are the most critical factors in the constructions, and the project managers managerial skills become the most critical factor in MIS and in manufacturing. (Maglyas, 2009) mentioned in his study that were conducted in Russia, Ukrain and Belarus that the widely known problem was project management and planning. Throughout the instigation that he carried out on comparing the two models (McConnell’s and Standish) he came to a conclusion that McConnell’s model is more suitable for collected data since McConnell’s model allows tracking the project health. The Standish model of success was used only for the first step of success estimation. (Mohd Hairul Nizam Nasir, 2011) investigate on 26 critical success factors related to project success. The 26 factors were categorized in to 3 groups which were people, process and technical factors. They found out that clear requirements, realistic schedule and budget estimations, project management skills and project management methodologies are the 5 most critical…show more content…
The successes or the failure of the project will be decided by 3 main categories. Which are; • Complete the project within the budget, • Complete the project within the project time line • The project delivers the clients requirements. The target sample will be provided with a Questionnaire of interviewed by the researcher to collect the data .The provided questionnaire is a self prepared questionnaire which will contains question to be answered by liker scale. After collecting the data regression analysis method will be used to analyze the collected data. Hypothesis The foundation of the research is to investigate the factors affecting the projects to be failed in the Sri Lankan IT industry. A quantitative methodology will be used in order to investigate the above. However based on the conceptual model and the key objectives of the research hypothesis are developed. H1: Is there a significance relationship between the clients and the success of the IT Project? H2: Is there a significance relationship between the development process used and the success of the IT

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