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  • Charles Seife's The Loneliness Of The Interconnected

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    Loneliness of the Interconnected he discusses the issues facing the widespread use of the internet and the effects it can have on its users and how its users can affect others. He asserts that use of the internet is allowing us to become more extreme in our beliefs by allowing us to connect with each other online. He looks into different examples that prove his thesis such as information theory, Speaker’s Corner, internet diseases, media narrowcasting, and solipsism. Seife begins his essay by introducing

  • Nt1310 Unit 1 Research Paper

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    components which enable internet and web functionality. I have been asked to identify the hardware components that will enable me to access and use the internet. The following hardware is required to connect and access the internet. Computers called servers that host the data required for the client and routers which tell the flow of information where to go. You have to have either a personal computer, Smartphone, Games Console, Smart TV, Tablet etc… to connect to the internet. How does it all work

  • Should Schools Get Rid Of Filters

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    Since the start of the 21st century, the internet has become popular, and has been incorporated into every ones daily routine. We use it for directions, getting answers to our infinite questions, and even at school. Students use the internet every day for research, but it’s hard to do that with filters. I think schools should get rid of filters. Over the years, school filters have caused many problems. With the many assignments students receive, it’s nearly impossible not to research it

  • The Work-Place Is Counter-Productive In The Workplace

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    Social Media/face book/Twitter. I do not agree with any of these being used whilst in the work place. The employer employs the employee for 8 hour days In this time said employee is required to work with full attention to the task at hand as paid for by employer. If the employee is focussed on social media, this could cause work place accidents due to not being focused which in turn makes this a work place hazard The use of Social media in the work –Place is Counter –Productive in the work Place

  • Monica Lewinsky Research Paper

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    was disclosed in 1998, it started a virtual shitstorm online. -The very first of its kind. It was the first time for a story of that caliber to be broken online ever. The story quickly spread through the then newest branch on the medium-tree: the internet. Suddenly, news and stories could be accessed all day every day, not just at given points in time like the six o’ clock news on TV. The general public from one day to another had the chance to comment news articles, without having to compose a readers’s

  • Nicholas Carr's 'Is Google Making USupid?'

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    Carr validates all of the reasons why Google maybe taking a toll on the human mind and body. Carr addresses the idea of how the Net is changing the way humans operate, the way they read, and their mentality. The way the author portrayed what the internet was doing to his mind was by using the analogy of someone tinkering with his brain. “Over the past few years I’ve had an uncomfortable sense that someone or something has tinkering with my brain, remapping the neural circuity, reprogramming the memory”

  • Multitask Analysis

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    The rapid growth of technology over the past decade has lead to an increase in multitasking, especially with students. Effects of multitasking are discussed in the article “Can students really multitask? An experimental study of instant messaging while reading”, by Bowman et al. The author discusses “performing certain tasks simultaneously” (Bowman et al. 927) and how they can affect a student’s memory. While this study suggests that the use of media along with “competing cognitive tasks” (Bowman

  • Are College Students Overly Dependent?

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    Are Many College Students Today Overly Digital Dependent? As a freshman at FGCU I consider myself to be very dependent on my electronics, whether it be my laptop or my iPhone. Considering that most of my school work is completed using my laptop, I have no idea what I would do if I were to lose it. I believe the reason that I am so dependent on technology is because I have invested a lot of my time perfecting my usage of it that they have become a part of me. When I take a moment to think about this

  • The Prevention Of Cyberbullying In The United States

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    25% of teen-aged middle and high school students are said to have been victims of cyberbullying at some point in their lifetime. Cyberbullying can happen to anyone, anywhere and its effects are long lasting. 804,000 worldwide suicides are committed annually due to long-lasting cyberbullying . And more than 32% of U.S. high school students were said to be frequently depressed. Despite all of this, only 20 of U.S states have passed laws against cyberbullying. Some may argue that if one were to shut

  • Benefits Of Modernizing The United States Postal Service

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    changing and not supporting them. By remodeling the USPS they will increase profit by use of the internet and by adapting to the public and offering more benefits they will increase employment. The United States Postal Service should modernize with society to save money and increase employment. By modernizing the United States Postal Service they will be able to increase profit through the use of the internet. “Get into the e-business. Email is fast and simple.”(Source A) Since society is changing so