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  • Advantages Of Digi Online

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    Digi Post-paid is one of the mobile service provided by Digi. It is a product where user can call, short message service (SMS), Media Message Service (MMS), and also mobile internet (2G, 3G &4G). The product itself is a Sim Card which is installed in a phone, either its normal sim card, micro sim card or Nano sim card. Users are able to access the service after register with authorized Digi Centre. Digi Post-paid is basically is a service where customer “use first and pay later”, hence the word

  • Features Of Internet Essay

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    Features of Internet technology: The Internet. What is “Internet”? The Internet is a worldwide network of computers. It is an interconnection of large and small networks around the globe making it one of the most powerful communications tool. It endows its users with instantaneous access to a huge pool of data, tools and the information to accomplish many different tasks, allowing its user to The following are few of the features that the Internet showcases:- 1. Freedom to speech: The Internet is a common

  • Social Media Addiction

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    just a fad; it is part of their culture. While social networking can expose teens to danger, they are exposed to the same dangers in real life as well. A parent or teacher cannot expect a teen to abandon the internet and be able to thrive in modern society as computers, technology, the internet, and social networking is utilized in all aspects of modern life, even in the workplace. This is why social networking should not only be included as a valuable tool to enhance the classroom but should also

  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet

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    including access to the Internet, will be the basis for personal, economic, and political advancement. The popular name for the Internet is the information superhighway. Whether you want to find the latest financial news, browse through library catalogues, exchange information with colleagues, or join in a lively political debate, the Internet is the tool that will take you beyond telephones, faxes, and isolated computers to a burgeoning networked information frontier. The Internet supplements the traditional

  • Essay On Cellphones In Classroom

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    Should We Allow Cellular Devices in Classrooms? Although cell-phones can be a distraction in the classroom, they can also be a big help to students. With the use of cell phones in class student and schools can benefit from easy acceptable classroom tools,less cost of classroom technology, and web access easily accessible to students. So why do we not allow cell phones in the classroom if they can help improve our classrooms and schools? Classroom tools are hard to carry around and find. Calculators

  • Pros And Cons Of Information Technology

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    According to Buick, J. & Jevtic, 2. (n.d.), information is a data modified into a figure that is significant. Information Technology is the foundation of the internet. It means innovation, compilation, container, modifying, transmission, exhibit and use of information by people and things. The internet is a providential and timely fusion of technologies of information, storage and retrieval. The convergence of information with global communication technologies has produced a massive virtual world

  • Essay About Smartphone Addiction

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    Smartphone Addiction Reasons With Solutions Smartphone addiction, conversationally known as "nomophobia" (dread of being without a mobile telephone), is regularly filled by an Internet abuse issue or Internet addiction issue. All things considered, it's seldom the telephone or tablet itself that makes the impulse, yet rather the diversions, applications, and online universes it associates us to. Smartphone Addiction Reasons Smartphone addiction can envelop an assortment of drive control issues,

  • The Importance Of Communication In Business

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    During the last decade the boom of the Internet has created new possibilities for communication, in addition, other technological developments, in which companies have to rethink their means for selling and communicating with consumers. Human beings are social animals. Communication has always been crucial in our lives, and we have always looked up for easier ways to communicate. This is mainly the first reason why Internet was created in 1958. Individuals have felt the need to exponentially communicate

  • The Pros And Cons Of Digital Networking In Pakistan

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    networking is referred to communication that involves computer and internet. Network media is considered as a democratic media because the audience are the contributors. (Wikipedia) Cell phone is the most common form of media that is used almost everywhere in the world. It is now not only used for making calls, but also for other purpose like texting, taking Pictures, using internet and social networking websites. The usage of internet on mobile phones is very common in developed and developing countries

  • How Does New Media Affect Politics

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    the introduction of technology, especially new media, making the society question how politics will be practiced. The possible disconnection between politicians and some part of the society as for example the elderly of people without access to the Internet is a matter of concern for the modern democracies. Politicians are most of the time behind the screen of a TV, a computer or a mobile phone, a tendency that threats to destroy the essence of elections. Consequently, the question that remains is if