Modern American Social Media

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The internet has been around for a few decades now, and people are increasingly innovating it. The growth of the internet has been extraordinary. With many supposed benefits of the internet,there is still a lot of controversy behind it. Is the accessibility to any and all information in the world a blessing or a downfall in incognito? Is having social media where anyone can post anything and say anything a good thing? Are humans relying too much on the easy access to information online? These are all questions that have risen over the last few years. Many people argue that having easy access to information about anything and nearly everything is such a revolutionary concept and will expand the minds of humans. This theory turned out to be…show more content…
Social media seems to be isolating people more and more, which is becoming apparent. When going out with friends or family this theory may become visible, watch closely as people stare into a screen rather than communicate with anyone else at the table. Instead of conversing one another kids as young as eight years old are stuck on a smartphone or smart-device. The internet seems to be Utopian in retrospect, but really it could turn out to be negative if used in excess. Just like anything, too much of something is bad and that applies here. The internet could expand the minds of everyone and encourage connectivity. It all depends on how and how much we use it. Another issue regarding the internet that has polluted the world recently, especially the U.S, is the lack of privacy that comes with social media and the internet. The internet is like an enormous library with titanium books that never decay of get thrown away. Any information put out on social media is there forever and can be accessed. This poses a huge problem. This how the government spied on millions of people after the Patriot Act was signed. How are people supposed to have

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