Are Hackers Ruining Everything Research Paper

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Are Hackers Ruining Everything? Imagine if someone could steal over $1000 dollars from you, without even touching your wallet; all from the comfort of their own home, thousands of miles away. It is something that a lot of people do not realize is possible, until it happens to them. I myself have a first hand experience with this. It all started when my mom woke me up one Saturday morning and sounded not too happy with me. She barged in my room looking mad, and I myself had a look of confusion since I couldn't remember what I had done wrong this time. She asked me why in the world I was buying music off of her iTunes account without her permission. It was at this point where I realized, something was wrong. I calmly told her that I hadn’t used her account in…show more content…
At this point she too realized what was happening and boy I wish I could’ve recorded how fast she ran into our kitchen. She seized the house phone and called Apple in order to deactivate her account. All in all, it was only about $100 that they stole from us, but that was nothing compared to the amount they tried to steal a few weeks later. After things cooled down, passwords changed, and accounts were re-activated, it happened again. Only this time, it was an attempt to steal almost $1000 from my mother's bank account. Thankfully though, the bank realized it was not her and denied the transaction. Apple also refunded the lost money but that did not bring back our trust. Technology as it is right now is very vulnerable, especially if the technology is connected to the internet, where it is prone to hackers. My concern is that big corporations are focusing too much on new innovative

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