Hrm/531 Week 3 Data Security Paper

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In my previous assignment week-3, I had discussed about four cloud service providers namely Amazon web services, Windows azure, Rackspace hosting, and IBM code. Amazon web services: Amazon web service provider is one of the secured, reliable and flexible cloud computing available today. It offers scalable and highly reliable platforms by which client or customer can access data and applications soo quickly and securely. Data security: Amazon web service use encryption to secure data at rest. Whenever the client is sharing or upload his confidential and sensitive information into AWS cloud they must encrypt the data before storing it. All the encryption methods relay on OS. By configuring the SSL Amazon web service shall protect information in transit. The…show more content…
For maintaining encryption state of the data while processing, the organizations should retain their ownership of encryption keys so that cloud provider cannot access customer data in unencrypted form. Rackspace uses 256-bit AES encryption. Windows Azure: Windows Azure is one among the leading cloud service providers. Windows azure is flexible and it is an open cloud platform for different applications. Data security: Segregation, encryption and destruction are the techniques used by Windows azure to secure the client or customers data. Windows azure utilize some standard protocols like TLS and SSL when data is in transit state. Windows azure propose different protection techniques like BitLocker, .Net cryptographic services, windows server public key infrastructure components, and etc., Since windows azure is a multi tenant service, the information or data which is been processed can be separated by using logical isolation.

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