Internet Privacy

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  • Disadvantages Of E-Learning

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    (Electronic Business) It means implication of technologies in all the activities of business. It can be defined as conduct of business, commerce activity using computer networks. In simple E-Business is the conducting or running business activity via the Internet. Web has turned into a fundamental piece of life. It has expanded methods for collaborating furthermore purchasing and offering of any items or administrations got to be less demanding. Generally the terms E-business and E-trade are utilized conversely

  • Network Monitoring Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Disadvantages: As technology progressed and made your life easy, it also have many disadvantages such as security and privacy. Security: Security problem solution require public connectivity of the almost impotent using cloud network monitoring solution required a great amount of trust being placed in the cloud provider. If you trust your supplier, there should no reason

  • Essay On Negative Effects Of Social Media

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    Social media is like a platform where people can communicate with other people, share their information and ideas with one another primarily through the use of some tools and application of cell phones and internet communication. The social media can be considered as a community or a network where different people let says users are interconnected with one another. The most common examples for the social media are facebook and twitter that i am sure all are aware of. The e-forums and blogs are also

  • Importance Of M-Commerce

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    E-commerce conducted on mobile phones using internet. M-Commerce (mobile commerce) is the buying and selling of products and services through wireless handheld devices such as mobile phones. M-Commerce enables users to access the internet without needing to find a place to plugin. Different types of on-line transactions are carried out using mobile phones, mobile applications and internet. People can carry and access mobile phones with preserving the privacy anytime anywhere. Thus, ubiquity, mobility

  • The Positive Role Of Social Networking In Modern Life

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    and we found ourselves to witness the great changes in every person's lifestyle. The arrival of new advanced technologies has brought our society up to the other level of relationship. This is now possible through almost everyone's access to the Internet and social networks, many of which have gone the period of active developments recently.

  • Essay On Digital Communication

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    essential for the most of the people. As a result, we are always attached to a smartphone, a tablet or a computer: sometimes we tweet instead of talking, we update our status on Facebook and we analyze people through their profiles. Internet can help our creativity, removes communication barriers, but something is changed, something is completely lost. Social media are shaping the society and our individual life. The psychology of a like: How social media is really affecting our

  • The Importance Of Social Progress

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    Report on Despite massive technical progress, social progress is unable to keep up Submitted to Mr. S. Gill School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences Name : Akshay Dipakkumar Bhadra ID : H00172257 Course Information : B.Sc. Computer Systems Module Information : Praxis (F27PX) 2013-2014 Lecturer’s Name : Mr. S.Gill Date : 2nd August 2014, Saturday The following report examines the cause for lack of acceptability for varying views in society despite the growth in means of spreading

  • Factors That Influence People's Attitude Towards Online Shopping

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    ABSTRACT The Internet has opened the door for new approaches to trading and commerce. Compared to other developed nations, e-commerce remains a relatively young industry in Malaysia. Therefore, it is the purpose of this study to examine how various factors such as study abroad experience, Internet use, and online shopping habits influence people’s attitudes and perceptions toward online purchasing. Based on the online survey data collected from Facebook users, it was found that consumers with study

  • Local Area Network Advantages And Disadvantages

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    geographical area that includes several buildings or even the entire city. The geographical area of MAN is smaller than WAN but larger than LAN. MAN includes several communicating devices and provides internet connectivity for the LANs

  • Negative Influence Of Social Media

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    Internet is a form of new age media, it has changed our lives since the 1990s. With the appearance of internet, old print media is adapting to this new fashion technology. I can gather instant information from that massive resource database; it has made the world a smaller place. Young generations are tend to spend more time to explore on the internet, however internet intends to spread information from nowhere to everywhere, actually no specific groups are aimed at when massive messages are passing