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  • Essay On Digital Technology

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    1.1 USE OF DIGITAL DEVICES AMONG CHILDREN In the recent decades, technology has been one of the major interesting research subjects due to increased usage among people, including young children. From the time young children can grasp an object in their hands, they are beginning to play with smartphones or tablets (Kim, 2013). Undeniably, our nation is moving toward full digital inclusion. Television, mobile devices, tablet, and a computer has become a great companion to the children as most of

  • Good To Great: A Blog Analysis

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    Here at WHSR, we've often studied just what it is that makes for an excellent blog post. Surprisingly, it is easy to define what makes for an excellent blog post and also easy to define what makes for a lousy one. Jerry Low's article "Good to Great: How to Make a Good Blog Post Great" offers some insightful tips. He points out there in June of 2014, there were over 42.5 million blog posts on (that doesn't include all the other blogs that either run on another platform or on private

  • Snapchat's Privacy Protection

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    as it is no new fact that social media can become very problematic for users in the professional world, if your personal life is shared with the wrong eyes. But as the major privacy breach, where 100,000 snaps were published online allegedly by hackers who compromised Snapsaved servers in October of 2014 shows, it’s privacy protection is not all it's cracked up to be. (Piwek, Lukasz, and Adam

  • Cyber Strategy And Policing In The 21st Century

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    no reference to the Internet, or the challenges to policing

  • Is Google Making Us Lazy

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    the growing intelligence amongst our society. Inventions in the last two decades have shown exponential improvement. One of the most notable inventions being the Internet, with its vast source of information, has influenced us tremendously. The Internet was followed by the invention of handheld devices that allow access to the Internet almost anywhere at anytime. These devices and sources of information make it all too easy to access. Most people thrive off the simplicity of finding what they need

  • Censorship In Bobo

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    Censorship can protect people, but it can also endanger people. According to Plato, if "bad" is censored enough, then "bad" will cease to exist. Plato would most likely agree that the children in the Bobo doll experiment would not have treated the dolls so violently if they had initially not been exposed to such violent treatment by the adults and, secondly, not been given tools to abuse the dolls. Aristotle, however, is adamant all sides of the story must be told -- how can one know the truth if

  • Family Correspondence Research Paper

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    Technology has changed the way we communicate on a daily basis and is technology based. From the stone tablet to material to the printing press to PCs, our routines for composed correspondence have kept on changing, albeit a few stay being used all the while. In numerous regards, with the multiplication of interchanges advancements, it progressively tumbles to every person to pick with which of these advances he or she will lock in. All things considered, it's not as though there is a lack of

  • Social Media Affecting Society's Mental Health

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    about how social media is affecting society's mental health conditions of a vast array of individuals. The purpose of the research described in this paper is to show individuals how much time people actually spend online. Studies have shown that the internet world is an addiction. There are five different types of addiction says Young; computer addiction (games), information overload (web surfing), net compulsions (online gambling/shopping), cyber sexual addiction, and cyber relationship addiction (K

  • Blown To Bits Book Report

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    which data and technology can be used to improve our lives as well as to provide ways through which this information sharing technology can be manipulated to serve purposes that have shady and ulterior motives like cybercrimes, spying and invasion of privacy. Since this book was published in 2008, there are a lot of instances of the effects of this digital invasion that can be cited in the first chapter. For

  • At & T And Tv Merger Essay

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    outstanding entertainment of Direct TV and the coverage and reliability of the AT&T wireless network, and great value on video, and high-speed internet . “ We’ll now be able to meet customers’ future entertainment preferences, whether they want traditional TV service with premier programming, their favorite contents on a mobile device, or video streamed internet to any screen” ( AT&T Chairman and CEO) . -The addition of the 20 million customers of Direct TV to AT&T customer base.