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  • Argument Against Wikipedia

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    “Since its creation in 2001, Wikipedia has grown rapidly into one of the largest reference websites, attracting 400 million unique visitors monthly as of March 2011 according to ComScore. Every day, hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world collectively make tens of thousands of edits and create thousands of new articles to augment the knowledge held by the Wikipedia encyclopedia”. (Wikipedia 421) Does this make Wikipedia a legitimate citation source? Since there are no rules on what

  • Mcelwee's Influence Of Hate Speech On Social Media

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    Khaaliq Crowder 9/30/2015 Advanced English Composition Professor Taylor Sean McElwee’s main idea he’s trying to convey in his article is that hate speech has reached the masses of the internet and there needs to censorship of that. One example of hate speech on social media is a hashtag #unbonjuif (“ a good jew”) that trending on Twitter in France. It was only blocked in that country alone given its violation for that particular country. Other than Twitter, there are

  • What Is Cyberbullying?

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    other , and threaten kids. In some cases which has led to suicide. Cyber bullying is much like the traditional playground bullying where there is name calling and someone is getting picked on, except cyber-bullying is done through the use of the internet, cell phones and other forms of digital technology. In order for it to be categorized as cyber-bullying, the intent must

  • Persuasive Essay On Armed Clowns

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    have been sweeping the world and terrorizing innocent civilians. From California to France, reports of clowns clad in weapons have been flooding police departments. The influence of scary clowns is at an all time high, with TV shows, movies, and internet videos portraying these circus dwellers as much more than a child's form of amusement. Although clowns have always been mystical and harrowing creatures, they are becoming more and more prominent. The popularity of this strange and disturbing trend

  • Are Libraries Still Relevant Today

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    often the first place that citizens go for help. "[They] are important places for people to connect with their communities and find the resources needed to obtain assistance" (Source A). People flock to libraries in order to gain access to the free internet in times of calamity. Even though libraries are greatly valued during natural disasters, such as flooding and other devastating weather, this is not the only time that communities experience hardships. A more common challenge that cities face is

  • Hal Niedzviecki's Facebook In A Crowd

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    Has your work life made it nearly impossible to have a social life and resort to online communication between others? Has this been enough for you to distance yourself from the reality of face-to-face conversations? A similar situation occurs in the article “Facebook in a Crowd” by Hal Niedzviecki, which describes how online friends become enough for an individual, but only until things take a turn. It gives the impression of how the false illusion of social media friendships are distancing people

  • Bullying In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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    Flies Good Copy Nearly 43% of all kids have been bullied online and 1 in 4 has experienced it more than once. Statistically speaking, almost half of all kids were cyber bullied. This makes people question the safety of the internet. Teens love making fun of others on the internet, they always want to the leader of a group, and they are doing all of these things because they’re practically hiding behind a mask, no one knows who they are or what they look like and this allows them to do things they would

  • Ruby Tuesday Essay

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    According to their recent annual report (2014), Ruby Tuesday was facing the possible risks of unsuccessful brand transformation and marketing efforts that could adversely impact financial outcomes. Their marketing strategies have made slight alterations over the last several quarters. Furthermore, they’ve expanded what they have to offer and how they offer it. Promotion Budget In the past, Ruby Tuesday focused solely on print promotions, digital media, and local marketing programs, spending minimal

  • Sherry Turkle: The Perception Of Multitasking

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    Many individuals are excited when a new technology, such as the iPhone, tablets, and others become available in stores, but are these technologies really good for society? Most individuals perceive these technologies as positive for society however, many lack considerations for how human’s use of the technologies directly relates to its perceived value, positive or negative, based on the efficiency it creates. Some people, such as professor and proponent of technologies negative impacts on society

  • Terms And Conditions May Apply: Film Analysis

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    Director, Cullen Hoback, in his documentary, Terms and Conditions May Apply, describes how the Internet has evolved over the years to become more public and unsafe. Hoback’s purpose is to warn viewers what could happen if the put too much personal information on the Internet .He adopts a forewarning tone in order to make the audience fearful for what could happen if they make their life too public. To begin the documentary, Cullen Hoback, displays a cartoon that depicts the difference between the