Internet Privacy

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  • Unit 9 P1 Business Communication

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    Emails have a less rigorous structure they use ‘Dear Mr/Miss/Mrs’ and then the person's name, they are signed off in the same way but they don’t include addresses and contact details of the person you are emailing. Many employers value emails as you can easily attach files for recipients, to open and you can also ‘Carbon Copy’ another person into the email depending on whom it is regarding. This type of communication is valued in most industries as it is a modern form of communication with others

  • The Smartest Home In Town Analysis

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    There have been many impressive advancements in technology over the years. From cellphones and computers getting thinner and faster to cars with implemented technology; everything is reaching closer to home. Your home can now have smart LEDs, TVs, cars, thermostats, and doors. All controlled from your phone, your house can communicate with you and give you information you need or configure settings. In “Here’s What it’s Like to Have the Smartest Home in Town” TIME Magazine, John Pullen has credibility

  • Cyberbullying Article Summary

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    1. Susan M. Swearer was the author for the article and Swearer was professor of school psychology at University, and had written few books about bullying prevention. He experience in her field and her education back ground had made her contributed to the article. She knew how bullying may affect students' behavior and psychologically. 2. Sweaere's purpose for this article was that cyber bullying should not distract from more traditional and more prevalent forms of buying. Cyber bullying had become

  • T Mobile Data Breach Case Study

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    The subject of data breaches within global corporate networks has been constantly reported by news media in recent weeks. Federal Government Agencies and Fortune 500 companies alike have been specifically targeted for their customer?s sensitive information. T-Mobile has recently joined other companies who have been involved in hacker related data breaches. In this paper I will look to answer the following questions. Who is to blame for the data breach? What are the ethical issues T-Mobile is facing

  • Argument Against Wikipedia

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    “Since its creation in 2001, Wikipedia has grown rapidly into one of the largest reference websites, attracting 400 million unique visitors monthly as of March 2011 according to ComScore. Every day, hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world collectively make tens of thousands of edits and create thousands of new articles to augment the knowledge held by the Wikipedia encyclopedia”. (Wikipedia 421) Does this make Wikipedia a legitimate citation source? Since there are no rules on what

  • Mcelwee's Influence Of Hate Speech On Social Media

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    Khaaliq Crowder 9/30/2015 Advanced English Composition Professor Taylor Sean McElwee’s main idea he’s trying to convey in his article is that hate speech has reached the masses of the internet and there needs to censorship of that. One example of hate speech on social media is a hashtag #unbonjuif (“ a good jew”) that trending on Twitter in France. It was only blocked in that country alone given its violation for that particular country. Other than Twitter, there are

  • What Is Cyberbullying?

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    other , and threaten kids. In some cases which has led to suicide. Cyber bullying is much like the traditional playground bullying where there is name calling and someone is getting picked on, except cyber-bullying is done through the use of the internet, cell phones and other forms of digital technology. In order for it to be categorized as cyber-bullying, the intent must

  • Are Libraries Still Relevant Today

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    often the first place that citizens go for help. "[They] are important places for people to connect with their communities and find the resources needed to obtain assistance" (Source A). People flock to libraries in order to gain access to the free internet in times of calamity. Even though libraries are greatly valued during natural disasters, such as flooding and other devastating weather, this is not the only time that communities experience hardships. A more common challenge that cities face is

  • Hal Niedzviecki's Facebook In A Crowd

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    Has your work life made it nearly impossible to have a social life and resort to online communication between others? Has this been enough for you to distance yourself from the reality of face-to-face conversations? A similar situation occurs in the article “Facebook in a Crowd” by Hal Niedzviecki, which describes how online friends become enough for an individual, but only until things take a turn. It gives the impression of how the false illusion of social media friendships are distancing people

  • Algorithmic Personality Inventory Examples

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    concerned. This is an absolute violation of right to privacy guaranteed by our constitution. Human being love to interact. But to do so, they need a secure environment to interact on. The social networking website have provided a platform but due to these program like algorithmic personality development, Everything it being charted, recorded and analyzed , evaluated and most of it is done without the knowledge of the individual. Individuals need privacy. They need a secure environment to do so but these