Gun Control

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  • Pros And Cons Of Armed Guards In Schools

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    There are many way to keep students safe in schools but none are better than having armed security guards. Guards in schools provide a sign of safety for those that attend and for their parents. There are enough pressures involved with education and there is no reason not to eliminate the threat of security risk. This is in addition to the fact that employing armed guards in schools will create jobs across the country and assist in combating unemployment. School atrocities have been a growing epidemic

  • Why Teachers Should Not Have Guns In School Essay

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    This essay is about why teachers should not have guns at school. Response would be the school board should check their records for anything bad. My topic is going to explain why teachers should not have guns in school. Some of the things that support about is accidents,kids could get ahold of them, and tensions. I am going to back up this claim by using facts to proved why teacher can’t have guns. There permit that the teacher gets lets you have guns in school without telling staff members. Accidents

  • Teachers With Guns In Schools Essay

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    “Teachers with Guns” by Wade Livingston, my standing opinion has been reinforced. Teachers should not be allowed to carry weapons in school, at all. Too many risks are involved with this establishment, and they out-weigh the benefits of which they would produce. There are several critics whose arguments have pointed out that there are many ways the students themselves would be able to gain access to the weapons and potentially cause harm; also that it would require money to purchase these guns, and also

  • Speech To Gun Shootings

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    the article “Famous Speeches: "We call BS," Emma Gonzalez's speech to gun advocates”, by Emma Gonzalez it talks about how all of these shootings are going down but it is not always the victims fault and the shooters in Florida do not need a permit or a gun license which is not safe. In the article “Issue Overview: Guns in America”, by Bloomberg, talks about how there are many deaths every year in many different states and how guns have spreaded tremendously throughout years. Shootings happen numerous

  • Essay On Gun Violence

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    Academic Report Gun violence is the main cause of suicides and homicides because gun laws are not universal. The stronger the law the stronger the enforcement of the law. The stronger the enforcement, the less percentage of suicides and homicides. If the same gun laws are implemented in all states it could substantially lower suicides and homicides. An article by Nicholas Bakalar named Gun Laws Associated With Lower Suicide Rates, explains the four gun laws instated on the lower 11 states of

  • Native American Weapons Research Paper

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    Guns are something that the American culture has been built upon. Western civilizations have vastly relied on these weapons as a way to conquer war, land and rights. The constitution of the United States of American states our rights as citizens to bear arms. The modern concept of bearing arms actually was something that started with a little invention called a gun. The story of guns and their contribution to change western civilizations with these weapons started in the 1500’s. With the discussion

  • Gunsmith Tool Essay

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    If you collect firearms, enjoy hunting, or spend time target shooting, you likely understand the importance of caring for your weapons. Unless, you're going to pay someone to perform routine maintenance on your weapons, you'll need your own set of specialized tools. Amazon stocks the tools you need to care for your firearms. These tools include items such as Dpms upper parts kits, and complete tool sets. A gunsmith tool set will help you care for your firearm. These kids come in a different sizes

  • Teachers Should Have The Right To Carry Guns In Schools

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    constitution supports guns. It states, “...the right of the people, to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This right applies to teachers as much as anyone else. Not allowing teachers to have guns would be taking away their freedoms. In the end, we should exercise our rights to carry guns, with a permit. Gunmen would be less likely to target schools with armed teachers. If many of the teachers were armed the criminal activity would be chased away. Studies show that having guns decrease crime rate

  • The Second Amendment: The Right To Bear Arms

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    protection against criminals and in sports including trapshooting and hunting. In contrast, opponents of the second amendment demand for strict gun regulations in order to decrease gun violence. Although, opponents believe that strict gun regulations should be enforced it isn’t the answer towards the decrease in gun violence. Without armed citizens, gun violence would increase because criminals would know that no-one can stop them from doing crimes except for the law. The second amendment is a symbol

  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Safety

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    always focus their minds on safety any time they are around guns. Understanding of harmless practices and always implementing that knowledge should be mandatory every time wherever and whenever firearms are present. Whether you are hunting or shooting targets, never allow yourself to get diverted from the safety that governs your actions. Firearm safety can never be stressed strongly enough or repeated too often; simply because irresponsible gun handling can easily culminate into very dreadful outcomes