Teachers With Guns In Schools Essay

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While discussing the issue of teachers arming themselves in the classroom, one may experience confusion with all the data, articles, and research that has been posted or published on the internet, common social media, and even newspapers and magazines. However, after reading “Teachers with Guns” by Wade Livingston, my standing opinion has been reinforced. Teachers should not be allowed to carry weapons in school, at all. Too many risks are involved with this establishment, and they out-weigh the benefits of which they would produce. There are several critics whose arguments have pointed out that there are many ways the students themselves would be able to gain access to the weapons and potentially cause harm; also that it would require money to purchase these guns, and also to train the faculty who have never even…show more content…
Now, I do not believe that this would be intentional, but in some cases it may be- especially in the upper grade levels where students are conscious of what their actions can cause. Think back to the Columbine shooting in 1999; the students had the guns AND the motive. But, with a gun in the classroom, all the students need is the motive, and means of finding the weapon. For younger children though, imagine there is a gun in the drawer of a first grade teacher’s desk. One of his/her pupils gets out of her line of vision, heading straight for his/her drawer because the child heard something from an older kid about guns in the desk drawers. Even if the gun was on the teacher, this kind of theft may still take place. Both of these situations demonstrate how teachers having guns would not be beneficial over-all to the protection of students, because there is more likely to be a mishap in one of the 180 days in a classroom, rather than the potential of a terror attack in one

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