Teachers Should Have The Right To Carry Guns In Schools

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A gunman enters an elementary school, the school is notified and luckily a teacher with a concealed weapon permit pulls out her handgun and shoots the gunman saving the lives of many. Armed teachers will save the lives of many children and fellow faculty members. Teachers should be allowed a concealed weapon because it’s our second amendment freedoms, schools with armed teachers won’t be targeted and it takes police to long to arrive at schools. People of the United States have the right to bear arms. Our second amendment of the United states constitution supports guns. It states, “...the right of the people, to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This right applies to teachers as much as anyone else. Not allowing teachers to have guns would be taking away their freedoms. In the end, we should exercise our rights to carry guns, with a permit. Gunmen would be less likely to target schools with armed teachers. If many of the teachers were armed the criminal activity would be chased away. Studies show that having guns decrease crime rate by over ten percent (“school shootings”). Gunmen wouldn’t target schools were adults shoot back. Steve Siebold says that every teacher in America should…show more content…
For example a school near the borders superintendent says that he allows guns because it takes police thirty minutes to arrive at his school (“Odessa American”). It may be true that if you live near a police station you may have protection from gunmen that will save you in emergency’s.However, what if police do take a long time to get to your school? American Educator in his article on school shootings found that most of school shootings were at least 20 minutes from the nearest police station (2). Because there are schools that are far away from the police station, they should be required to arm

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