Pros And Cons Of Armed Guards In Schools

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There are many way to keep students safe in schools but none are better than having armed security guards. Guards in schools provide a sign of safety for those that attend and for their parents. There are enough pressures involved with education and there is no reason not to eliminate the threat of security risk. This is in addition to the fact that employing armed guards in schools will create jobs across the country and assist in combating unemployment. School atrocities have been a growing epidemic causing fear, bullying, and despair amongst students and parents. Since the late 2012 elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT, there have been 74 shootings at schools across the nation. Of these shootings, 35 have taken place at a college or university, while 39 took place in K-12 schools. School shootings can be traced back to the 18th century but have spiked in…show more content…
Some of these students don’t want to return to school because of the fear of another massacre happening. Therefore, armed guards need to be put in place around the country’s schools to ensure all students and their parents safety is of the highest priority. The National Rifle Association (NRA) proposed an “education and training emergency response program” called The National School Shield, which advocates for the placement of armed guards in schools (Hutchinson, A. 2012a). Because of this, students and teachers can attend school with less fear and quell their despairs. Unfortunately, for everyone involved there are schools still in this country that haven’t done anything to help prevent future atrocities. Sometimes it’s because of lack of available funding and other times there are administrative blockades in the way of progress. Hopefully soon armed guards will be instituted as law throughout the country so we can see the number of school atrocities

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