Essay On Gun Violence

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Academic Report Gun violence is the main cause of suicides and homicides because gun laws are not universal. The stronger the law the stronger the enforcement of the law. The stronger the enforcement, the less percentage of suicides and homicides. If the same gun laws are implemented in all states it could substantially lower suicides and homicides. An article by Nicholas Bakalar named Gun Laws Associated With Lower Suicide Rates, explains the four gun laws instated on the lower 11 states of the United States of America. In the article it explains the four gun laws instated that can significantly lower the suicide rates of the 11 states. The article explains that due to the four laws and after controlling for population density, race and ethnicity, education poverty and age. The suicide rate was lower overall. "Compared with states without the laws, background checks were associated with a 53 percent lower gun suicide rate, gun locks with a 68 percent lower…show more content…
For example long wait times due to the background checks. Another reason not a lot of people would like to get profiled by the government. The universal background check runs the name of the person trying to buy a firearm in the federal database. In this database consists criminal records and mental health records provided by federal and state courts and agencies. Also registering for open carry depending on which state can be a difficulty as well. Finally buying gun locks so that the only person with the license to carry the firearm can use it. Each process can take a substantial amount of time. Making it unlikely for someone other than law enforcement to achieve in getting a firearm. Unfortunately it is said that it is unlikely, because people can still purchase firearms from unlicensed dealers. Or travel to states where the gun laws are not the same and do not require such scrutiny. These are loopholes that the FDA does
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