Gun Control

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  • Should College Students Be Allowed To Carry On Campus

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    Even though many gun opponents believe college students are not responsible enough to carry guns, college students with concealed weapons permits should be allowed to carry weapons on campus because college security can't police the large number of isolated buildings on campuses and in light of the number of mass shooting on college campuses, students need a way to defend themselves. In 2010 when the Virginia Tech shooter killed 32 people and wounded 15 college campus around the untied States have

  • Why Guns Should Not Be Allowed On Campus

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    reasons why guns should not be allowed on campuses. I am going to be focusing on how allowing guns on campuses can cause violent crimes. It would be very dangerous to allow guns on campus. Ages 18-24 are the most unpredictable periods in a person's life. As such, these are the peak years for abusing alcohol and drugs, attempting suicide, having other mental health problems, and committing gun crimes. Students who engage in binge drinking and drug abuse put themselves and others at risk. If guns are allowed

  • Satirical Essay Against Gun Violence

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    Satirical Essay Guns are a huge problem within the United States and need to be dealt with because too many lives have been lost due to recklessness of the profoundly good-hearted officials in congress . The ability to gain and purchase a lethal weapon is so easy it’s like breathing, effortless, especially in states like Florida where the tragic events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School occurred. With all the hoopla and the controversy and debate surrounded around gun violence a plan needs

  • The Role Of Gun Violence In The United States

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    Government officials have been playing a major role in trying to establish new gun laws and establishing gun control. President Obama has proposed a new plan in order to stop all the gun violence in the United States. President Obama proposed that all background checking systems should be strengthened, allowing all barriers to medical and health records to be removed. With all barriers removed from medical records and health records this would allow anyone selling firearms to look at any personal

  • Argumentative Essay: The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act

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    became the primary advocate of gun control legislation and then in 1987 he was able to introduce a bill to Congress.

  • Violence In The Movie

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    not at all interrupt or distract from the story itself. The use of guns in the film is extremely symbolic. The first time we see a gun is when Luke is going to rob his first bank. In all of his robberies, he never hurts anyone he only shoots the gun to scare people. In this sense, the gun is a sad symbol for contribution, and fear of not being able to provide. This is how he is contributing to his family. A powerful weapon like a gun is reduced to a symbol for Luke’s struggle to provide. Every fight

  • The Lascaux Caves: The Great Leap Forward

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    Refined weapons such as barbed harpoons, darts, spears, and bows and arrows emerged following “The Great Leap Forward”. The development of such weapons facilitated hunting and consumption of large, meat-bearing animals such as boars, deer, horses and bison. The impact associated with advanced weapons is hugely significant considering that it presented an easier means of obtaining food and in turn furthering the lifespan/health of the Homo sapiens sapiens. The Lascaux Caves paintings (imaged)

  • The Amazon Ammo Case

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    There is a lot of gear that goes along with owning a firearm. It's up to the owner to ensure that items such as ammunition is properly stored and transported. Amazon makes this easy for you by stocking many 9mm ammunition cases. We also have a host of other items designed to be used with your firearms. There are several things to keep in mind as you shop for an ammo case. One is the size. If you're taking ammo along with you to the shooting range, you won't need a huge case for storage. Many of

  • Mass School Shootings Research Paper

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    There is an old saying in the media "if it bleeds it leads." Indeed, our society has become so infatuated with violence that it is starting to create these killers. An unfortunate reality of the coverage and exposure of mass school shootings only brings these psychos out of the woodwork. Take recent school shooter Chris Harper Mercer, for example. On his social media pages he expressed admiration for previous murderer's stating how quickly they go from nobody to all over the news. They become "famous"

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Nra

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    Do you have a gun in your home to protect your family? The NRA is an organization dedicated to protecting amendment number two the right to bare arms. The NRA is always advertising as an effort to gain support and new members. The NRA uses ethos, pathos, and logos to advertise, but they use pathos the most. They use pathos to pull at your emotions to persuade you to join them. One of the emotions that the NRA likes to pull at is anger. They like to use a lot of dark colors and images to get in