Why Teachers Should Not Have Guns In School Essay

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Argumentative Essay This essay is about why teachers should not have guns at school. Response would be the school board should check their records for anything bad. My topic is going to explain why teachers should not have guns in school. Some of the things that support about is accidents,kids could get ahold of them, and tensions. I am going to back up this claim by using facts to proved why teacher can’t have guns. There permit that the teacher gets lets you have guns in school without telling staff members. Accidents could happen without telling people. Someone can get hurt when carrying the gun. An incident happened in Utah when a elementary teacher shot herself in the leg. The gun accidentally went off. The teacher could leave the gun…show more content…
The teacher might make the student more nervous because there is a gun in the class room. Some school have had better security Cons even with school teacher having gun a student can kill as many people as they want. Some schools in Texas have warning signs say our staff is armed. They need a trained security guard on every school or college grounds. Also the people that can’t defend themselves results in a serious problem. Even if you have a machine gun no person is going to stop the killer without a school guard. Locking the door does nothing you can still get through the door by shooting out the Glass which result in getting more attention. Around forty percent wanted metal detectors. Around 30 percent wanted armed staff. The other 30 percent wanted nothing but better security. Only 18 states allow you to carry guns in school premises.I think arming the students is better because there the one that need to be protected not really the teachers. Arming teacher would be crazy to me because teacher are there to

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