Gun Control

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  • A 9 Year Old And American Exceptionalism Summary

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    instructor at a shooting range. However, Pitts points out that it was not a typical shooting range tragedy, this one occurred because the girl lost control of the Uzi, a submachine gun, she was shooting. He goes on to question how a nine year old girl was allowed to fire high power weapons ranging from sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and machine guns such as the Uzi that led to the instructor’s death. Pitts also states that we should mourn for the little girl who will have to live with this horrible

  • Gun Related Shootings

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    had higher gun related homicide rates and higher overall homicide rates. They established that these findings held constant across gender and age groups even after other factors such as poverty and crime were taken into account. Bangalore and Messerli (2013) published their findings in the American Journal of Medicine titled Gun Ownership and Firearm-related Deaths, Clinical Significance. Their objective was to assess the merits of the belief in the United States that “guns make a nation safer

  • Gun Violence In New Orleans

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    Gun violence is a major problem in the city of New Orleans . Over the past twenty years New Orleans murder rate has increased more than it has decreased . Senseless murders have taken place and, many citizens are being robbed of their possessions. The city of New Orleans is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities across the United States of America . There have been many methods that were proposed and enforced to prevent gun violence but nothing has been successful. The gun buyback program

  • The Pros And Cons Of Arming School Staff

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    Many people would argue that arming school staff is a good idea. Giving an educator a weapon could potentially save children’s lives and prevent school shootings. Some opposing arguments say that police can be used as an alternative to this type of protection; however, supporters of the idea do not agree, saying that officers cannot be everywhere at once in the school. Instead of having to wait for help to arrive in their classroom, teachers can handle the situation themselves. Both children and

  • Open Carry Law Research Paper

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    committing crimes. My personal opinion is that the passing of the Open Carry Law allowing people to carry a gun openly

  • Pros And Cons Of Mass Shootings

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    15, 1791, issued the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution. On the Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment gave the American people the right to bear arms, or own guns, in order to organize a militia to overthrow tyrannical government, if it were to be needed. During that time period, having the right to own a gun in order to protect oneself from tyrants seemed great.. However, in present day, the 2nd Amendment became a controversial right due to the rise in mass shootings

  • Richard Wright's The Man Who Was Almost A Man

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    “Ahmol enough to hava gun. Ahm seventeen. Almost a man.”The Man Who Was Almost a Man, by Richard Write, is about young boy named Dave Saunders as he struggles to prove to the people around him that he is a man. Dave’s frustrates by being poor, young, and black he desires to wrestle with the strain of wanting to be an adult. In the story, Wright matches his own experiences and immaturity in order to represent the fate of young black males at the time. Dave’s yearning to be a “man” is evident in his

  • The Influence Of Guns On Campuses

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    others on campus. This shocked nation and raise question on the debate on gun control and if colleges should allow guns on campuses. Today most Colleges and Universities prohibit guns on school campuses, the federal law has no say on the topic. Having a guns on campus runs the risk of having an accidental gun going off, prevalence of drugs and alcohol, risk of suicide and mental health issues. If I know someone in my class had a gun it would be hard for me to stay focus and not worry about something happen

  • Static Character In The Man Who Was Almost A Man

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    keep his own money safe, and buy a gun for himself; Dave’s lack of education also contributes to his static nature, In his town, it is common for a field hand’s son to stay a field hand his whole life, just like his father before him. Though Dave is seventeen years old, his parents treat him as if he is still a clueless little boy. For example, Dave works in Mr. Hawkins fields, but, the money that he earns goes directly to his mother. This shows how his parents control him as if he cannot keep his own

  • Should Students Carry Guns On College Campuses

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    Thesis & Intro - Students should not be allowed to carry guns on college campuses. The shootings that have occurred in recent years at U.S colleges and universities have sparked great debate about whether students should be allowed to carry concealed guns on campuses. College is a dynamic living and learning environment where many different individuals interact, often under stressful circumstances. While recognizing the right of responsible individuals to possess firearms under other circumstances