Native American Weapons Research Paper

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Guns are something that the American culture has been built upon. Western civilizations have vastly relied on these weapons as a way to conquer war, land and rights. The constitution of the United States of American states our rights as citizens to bear arms. The modern concept of bearing arms actually was something that started with a little invention called a gun. The story of guns and their contribution to change western civilizations with these weapons started in the 1500’s. With the discussion of guns and warfare in class, I was able to realize the true linkage between western civilization and the invention of guns. Guns built the west. A example of this is, when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas the native people were exposed…show more content…
Typically, animals were being hunted with Native American methods. Bow and arrows, traps and different methods of herding were being used. Populations were being controlled and used solely for the purpose of meat and survival. Once the gun was brought westward, animals were being over hunted at times near extinction. One of the greatest examples of this would be with the American bison. With the usage of guns settlers of the west were able to hunt the buffalo to near extinction. The elimination and endangerment of this natural resource forever shaped the west. Animals that once ran the plains in massive numbers were not longer to be found. For centuries these animals had been a part of Native American cultures. And with the near extinction and need to protect the animals the west was shaped directly from the assist of guns in…show more content…
It is interesting to see how guns really remain apart of pop culture in modern day. Guns went from devices that had terrible aim, to a more musket style seen and used by Native Americans and early Americans to the guns we see today in modern western civilizations. Pop culture has always included guns. Once guns were invented everyone saw them as a new tactic in warfare and they became popular. The wave of popularity was brought westward. Today guns are still apart of modern western civilization pop culture. In my eyes it is something that has been carried over from a different time. Guns were needed for survival and winning the west but they still remain in pop culture. Music songs reference guns, movies we watch everyday have guns and people even still use guns to participate in sporting type activities from hunting to target practice. When I see the constitution and the words right to bear arms it was a message that gives modern Americans the right to own guns. The usage of guns in the modern western lifestyles is something that carries back long ago to a time when Europeans were creating and evolving

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