Gun Related Shootings

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had higher gun related homicide rates and higher overall homicide rates. They established that these findings held constant across gender and age groups even after other factors such as poverty and crime were taken into account. Bangalore and Messerli (2013) published their findings in the American Journal of Medicine titled Gun Ownership and Firearm-related Deaths, Clinical Significance. Their objective was to assess the merits of the belief in the United States that “guns make a nation safer.” They obtained their data about gun ownership from the Small Arms Survey and they obtained statistical information about gun related deaths from a European mortality database, the National Center for Health Statistics, and from other sources. The…show more content…
His research revealed that the United States has approximately 5 percent of the population of the world and that 31 percent of the mass shootings that happen in the world occur in the United States. The research suggested that the availability of guns and peoples fascination with fame may be to blame for the disproportionate amount of mass shootings in the United States. Offenders that commit mass shootings are believed to be seeking attention and may be motivated by having seen the attention that previous mass shooters had received for their horrific and stunning actions. Lankford studied mass shooting statistics from 1966 to 2012 encompassing 171 countries and which had four or more people who were killed in the shooting. His findings revealed that the total homicide rate from these countries did not correlate with the rate at which mass shootings occurred. The rate of ownership of guns was found to be a predictor of mass shootings and countries with high gun ownership were found to have increased mass shootings committed in public settings. Research also found that countries with low crime and high gun ownership, such as Finland and Switzerland, also had more mass shootings that was anticipated (Pappas,…show more content…
Our Second Amendment supports, depending upon ones interpretation, a person’s right to possess a gun, whereas many other countries do not give their citizens similar rights. In many other countries guns are viewed as a source of recreation and not as a means of self-defense. Additionally, psychological factors unique to citizens of the United States may all be influential in why there is a disproportionate level of gun related violence in the United States as compared to countries of comparable

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