Should Students Carry Guns On College Campuses

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Thesis & Intro - Students should not be allowed to carry guns on college campuses. The shootings that have occurred in recent years at U.S colleges and universities have sparked great debate about whether students should be allowed to carry concealed guns on campuses. College is a dynamic living and learning environment where many different individuals interact, often under stressful circumstances. While recognizing the right of responsible individuals to possess firearms under other circumstances, the unique characteristics of a college campus make the presence of firearms problematic. Main Points/Premise Statement - There is no credible evidence that students or staff carrying guns would reduce crime. In fact, research has shown that the brains of most college students have not fully developed with regard to impulse control and judgment; therefore, allowing students access to guns could actually increase reckless shooting incidents. Brain - Although the typical college student appears to be physically mature, their brains are still developing. Research have discovered during the past decade that the human brain changes significantly during adolescence, and is not fully developed until about 25. The area of the brain that develops last is the pre-frontal cortex.…show more content…
issued a statement in response to state legislative initiatives that allow persons to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. There is no credible statistical evidence demonstrating that laws allowing the carrying of concealed firearms reduce crime. In fact, there is evidence showing that permissive concealed carry laws generally will increase crime. Several studies conducted by the University of Stanford have shown that right-to-carry gun laws are linked to an increase in violent crime. One study found that homicides increased in eight states that adopted right-to-carry laws during

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