Gun Control

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  • Argumentative Essay Against Gun Control

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    A study from the Journal of Quantitative Criminology found that, “ U.S. civilians use guns to defend themselves and others from crime at least 989,883 times per year” ( just-facts). Gun control in America has been a popular and controversial topic since the founding of the nation. In recent years the topic of it has made a resurgence in popularity with the majority of citizens and the two main political parties, split over its effectiveness. This has caused Americans to publish studies and lobby

  • The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Laws

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    There are new gun control laws from the after-effects of the Zug massacre that took place on September 27, 2001, in the city Zug, Switzerland in the canton's parliament where Friedrich Leibacher killed 14 people before killing himself. This is one of the incidents that have gun laws permissive and in need of better laws. Gun control supporters who claim that permissive gun laws such as Israel and Switzerland increase the probability of high-casualty violent events, homicides, and suicides within

  • Gun Control In School Shootings

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    School shootings have become a regular occurance. It seems that there is no light at the end of the tunnel- no way to take the weight off of these tragedies. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to solve the issue of gun control, although many people believe there may be. But there is, however, a way to be prepared for these situations and preventative methods individual schools can take to help fend off these tragedies until larger scale legislation is passed. With something as simple as a detailed

  • Persuasive Speech On Gun Control

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    Gun control what is it? Gun control is basically a way for the government to control how we use,buy and sell guns. Its a way for the government to take away our basic right of freedom to have a gun. A Lot of people are pro gun control and all that for the shootings that happened now I agree with that but if you take away guns completely from america it will leave one of the biggest powerhouse in the world today vulnerable for attacks. Now don't get me wrong but,I think it would be safer if we kept

  • Arguments Against Gun Control

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    to avoid the control of guns to a certain demographic. The government should require mental evaluations for anyone wanting to buy a gun because it would prevent mass shooting, decrease suicide rates, and people who aren’t in sound mind and have poor judgement shouldn’t have a deadly weapon. The earth as a whole is plagued with violence and death but the development of the gun has massively increased both by allowing a single person to kill multiple people in the matter of seconds. Gun violence in

  • Pros And Cons Of Gun Control In America

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    There is a lot to say about gun control in America, people think that there shouldn’t be gun laws put in place and some people think they should have laws because sometimes firearms land in the wrong hands. When they do there is lots of reasons they might be used for like drug dealing and mass shootings. A mass shooting is where a gunman kills four or more people. In 2015, 372 mass shootings occurred so that came to 7 mass shootings every week. On December 15, 1791 the 2nd Amendment was introduced

  • Stricter Gun Control: The Pros And Cons Of The Second Amendment

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    Consequently, violent crimes in the United States involving guns have dramatically increased in recent years. Stricter gun laws that make it more difficult to obtain firearms are necessary to help deal with this issue. Is it beneficial to bear arms? According to the legislation, as of 2013 carrying a firearm in public is permitted in all 50 states just as long you have a permit. Psychologist, David Kyle Johnson states, “Some people think it is not guns that kill people; it is people that kills people”

  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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    Gun laws need to be strengthened by implementing stricter owner limitations and stronger background checks. Guns can be very dangerous if they gets into the wrong hands. Less guns that people can buy, the better off people may be. Stricter handgun control laws and licensing are necessary to keep people more safe and less afraid. Students are becoming more hesitant to enter into schools. “School shootings are most commonly committed by either a student who attends the school or by an intruder

  • Gun Control Persuasive Essay

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    America owns about 250 million guns, nearly at least 1 firearm for every citizen. When we hear about shootings, and think that they are so tragic, but what do we do about it? Most of the shooters are motorized on stealing guns. This topic about gun control catches my attention because a lot of kids steal guns from their parents and commit suicide, or steal guns and go to a school with them, and shoot people. An instance that I hold is what happened in Florida. A 19-year-old named Nikolas Cruz walked

  • The Argument Against Gun Control

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    Guns are a part of America's lifestyle. Today numerous individuals are under the feeling that guns are the base of all that is evil. Who would be the individual that would spare a lady that was being assaulted? Likely somebody who possesses a gun and its utilization is not proposed for evil, nor shouldn't we think about somebody that is breaking into your home? Who is the individual that will spare the day? By and by likely somebody who possesses a gun and it is not planned for the utilization of