Pros And Cons Of Mass Shootings

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After the United States of America had won their independence from Great Britain in the American Revolution, the Bill of Rights was constructed to secure the freedom of the people from tyranny that America had faced previously. The Bill of Rights, ratified on December 15, 1791, issued the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution. On the Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment gave the American people the right to bear arms, or own guns, in order to organize a militia to overthrow tyrannical government, if it were to be needed. During that time period, having the right to own a gun in order to protect oneself from tyrants seemed great.. However, in present day, the 2nd Amendment became a controversial right due to the rise in mass shootings…show more content…
In addition, these background checks can reduce mass shootings, for mass shootings have commonly been caused by high-capacity magazines. In fact, in an article by Mark Follman and Gavin Aronsen published in Mother Jones in June 30, 2013, David Chipman, a former special agent in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, states,”It turns a killer into a killing machine.” He then adds, alluding to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, “Maybe 3 kids get killed instead of 20.” This suggests that having high-capacity magazines can turn a shooting into a massacre. Thus, more gun control laws must be enacted in America to prevent mass shootings from occuring by strengthening background checks on…show more content…
Similarly to the reduction of casualties, more gun control laws may reduce government health care costs. Accordingly, in an article from USA TODAY by Kelly Kennedy published on March 4, 2013, gun casualties can cause ” $5.4 billion in tax revenue lost because of lost work, $4.7 billion in court costs, $1.4 billion in Medicare and Medicaid costs for firearm injuries and deaths, $180 million in mental health care costs for gunshot victims, $224 million in insurance claims processing, and $133 million for responding to shooting injuries.” The statistics show that enacting gun control laws in America may be prosperous for the economy, due to the high costs of casualties related to guns. For this reason, more gun control laws must be enacted in order to save money that can be used for other beneficial

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