A 9 Year Old And American Exceptionalism Summary

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In the article “An Uzi, a 9 year old, and American exceptionalism” by Leonard Pitts, he describes tragic events that occurred in October of 2014. While her family was vacationing in Las Vegas, a nine year old girl accidentally shot and killed her instructor at a shooting range. However, Pitts points out that it was not a typical shooting range tragedy, this one occurred because the girl lost control of the Uzi, a submachine gun, she was shooting. He goes on to question how a nine year old girl was allowed to fire high power weapons ranging from sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and machine guns such as the Uzi that led to the instructor’s death. Pitts also states that we should mourn for the little girl who will have to live with this horrible memory, but he should also mourn for the country where her actions barely qualify as news. Furthermore, he points out that America is exceptional in sheer, stubborn stupidity.…show more content…
We live in one of the most advance societies in the world, yet we allow nine year olds to fire high powered weapons with little training. Not only should we question the laws, or lack thereof, regarding shooting ranges, but we should also question the parents of this stubborn country. No parent should ever even consider allowing their preteen fire high powered weapons, such as an Uzi, with very little training. What is even worse is that they were willing to let the child fire even more dangerous weapons such as a grenade

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