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In the United States a law was recently passed known as the Open Carry Law. This law consists of a citizen of the United States being able to carry a firearm openly in public places. Even though it is considered to be dangerous there are some exceptions to this Open Carry Law, which states that the firearm must be in plain sight not hidden from the public. Many citizens fear of the Open Carry Law, because it will only have a negative outcome from passing it. The passing of the Open Carry Law would only make it very difficult for a person to distinguish between the use of a firearm for protection and the use of a firearm for committing crimes. My personal opinion is that the passing of the Open Carry Law allowing people to carry a gun openly…show more content…
In conclusion, it can be said that the passing of the open carry law could be bad and also good. It depends on how responsible we behave in our public and personal lives. After doing research my outlook on the “open carry law” has changed. We can protect ourselves with guns when we are in situations like if one are being robbed or someone try to hold one hostage, a person would be able to use their firearm in that situation as a form of self-protection and not be penalized for it; but guns does not ensure safety. People supporting the Open Carry Law are primarily relating carrying guns to self-protections and constitutional rights. These people are not interdependent; if someone carries a gun in an open space he can violate the constitutional rights of others who are not carrying guns by restricting their right to leave a threat free life. Trotter said that, “the United States are violating the Second Amendment by allowing certain people to openly carry a gun; she feel that it is a form of protection for women”. If we allow certain people of the society to carry guns on basis of gender it automatically violated the constitutional rights of others. Guns cannot ensure protections because one can both harm himself and others unintentionally while protecting his life. Even though people have argued in favor of carrying guns mainly because of have the means of self-protection and constitutional rights, these are not solid reasons. We cannot protect ourselves if someone mishandles the guns he or she is

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