Gun Violence In New Orleans

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Gun violence is a major problem in the city of New Orleans . Over the past twenty years New Orleans murder rate has increased more than it has decreased . Senseless murders have taken place and, many citizens are being robbed of their possessions. The city of New Orleans is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities across the United States of America . There have been many methods that were proposed and enforced to prevent gun violence but nothing has been successful. The gun buyback program has experienced some success over the years. Any step towards limiting the amount of guns criminals have access to is success in New Orleans. Gun buybacks give the criminals in the city a chance to change it also give them a chance to save a life…show more content…
However, the program must regulate which guns are being bought back to ensure its success towards gun violence (CBS Los Angeles). They must enter the guns into a database to see if the guns are connected to crimes in New Orleans . All guns should be collected but more precautions should be taken to get the criminals to turn in the guns used to commit crimes . No citizen or criminal should be arrested if there gun is connected to a crime , they should receive extra compensation for the honesty. Moreover, getting the guns used to commit crimes off the streets is very important. It is the most important task of the gun buybacks…show more content…
Gun buybacks raise the community's awareness of gun control (Wogan). The community is a key component to decreasing the amount of gun violence that occurs in New Orleans (Wogan) . The citizens of New Orleans working together as one to solve the same problem can cause success towards gun violence in the city. Gun buybacks can be responsible for peace on the streets of New Orleans. The citizens are tired of children being affected by the senseless gun violence across the streets of New Orleans . Every person that was born in New Orleans or lives in New Orleans understand how bad the gun violence is . Furthermore, anyone would do anything to get weapons away from the possession of criminals . It is essential that the city council take this topic into consideration to make their decision, because the citizens play a major role in taking the guns off the

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