Static Character In The Man Who Was Almost A Man

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The Protagonist, Dave, in “The Man Who Was Almost A Man” is a static character. His parents treatment of him and lack of education contribute to his static nature. Dave’s parents still treat him as a clueless young boy, as if he cannot be trusted to keep his own money safe, and buy a gun for himself; Dave’s lack of education also contributes to his static nature, In his town, it is common for a field hand’s son to stay a field hand his whole life, just like his father before him. Though Dave is seventeen years old, his parents treat him as if he is still a clueless little boy. For example, Dave works in Mr. Hawkins fields, but, the money that he earns goes directly to his mother. This shows how his parents control him as if he cannot keep his own money safe. “yeah but ain no usa yuh thinking bout throwin nona it erway. Ahm keepin tha money sos yuh kin have cloes t go to school this winter”. This quote shows how Dave doesn't even see the money he earns, it all just goes straight to his mother for, in…show more content…
All Dave wants is to find his own place in this world, without the expectations of being a field hand like his relatives. “Ahead the long rails were glinting in the moonlight, stretching away, away to somewhere, somewhere where he could be a man.” Running away allows Dave to have control over his life for once, though his choice is very irresponsible. Corporal punishment is usually something parents use for young children, not for teenagers, the fact that his parents still use it shows how childish they think he is. This part of the story only emphasises how much more his parents hold him back and stifle him, As a teenager, his parents have no need of punishment. “N Pa says he’s gonna beat me…” This line shows how serious his parents are about beating him and how scared he is when he finds out about

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