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Kristin Montane AP Lang Mrs. Groninger Synthesis Essay The Next Step The vast lack of strong gun control may very well be the cause of multiple mass shootings around the United States. Responding to the increase of gun crime, people find themselves wanting to purchase guns for protection. These people may therefore feel that new gun control measures threaten their safety. Try to see it their way, just for a moment. Fiddling with the rules governing the legal acquisition of firearms can't and will not change the fact that many, actually millions of guns are floating around out there. Furthermore, the type of person who might murder you is not the type of person who cares about the rules of the law. If it's not possible to disarm the…show more content…
Pre­vent­ing every­ day gun violence can be extremely difficult, and it’s not going to happen overnight. Prohibiting gun violence from criminals would require a serious attempt to fully understand how guns get into the hands of criminals in the first place. Assuming criminals can’t pass a background check, they are limited to only a few ways of obtaining a gun; buying it at a gun show, online, purchasing it in the Black Market, or stealing it. As author, James Q. Wilson, says in his La Times article, “There are federally required background checks on purchasing weapons; many states limit gun purchases to one a month and juveniles may not buy them at all. But even if there were tougher limits, access to guns would remain relatively easy. Not the least because, as it is true today, many would be stolen and others would be obtained through straw purchases made by a willing confederate(Wilson).”…show more content…
It should, but gun control will not be the key to stopping the violence occurring in our country. The rates of guns being purchased is increasing every single year. This year the F.B.I alone ran 185,345 background checks on gun purchases(Rogers). According to author, Katie Rogers, writer of article, “Black Friday Gun Sales Soared. F.B.I data shows”, enlightens readers by informing us just this year alone 1.9 million background checks were processed for the purchases of guns (Rogers). In our country it is known that between 47 and 53 million people obtain a gun in their household, 70 to 80 million adults own a gun, and 40 to 45 million adults own a handgun for protection (Agresti and Smith). It makes sense for a household to own a gun to keep the family protected just incase they are faced with a situation where a gun is necessary but what about the rest of the people who carry a

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