Why Do People Use Gun Control

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Imagine you’re eating a hamburger at McDonalds, or enjoying a movie at a cinema. All of a sudden, a man carrying a fully-loaded handgun drops into the place where you’re at, and starts firing the gun to unarmed citizens. While it may sound implausible, situations like this are likely to happen in the real life because the United States Constitution gives citizens the right to retain and carry guns. A group of anti-gun control people such as NRA claims that the gun ownership deters crime, therefore people should have rights to carry guns in order to safeguard themselves. Some even argue that gun control laws trespass the rights to carry guns for hunting and sports, without thinking that these weapons can be used to kill a human being, especially women. However, possession of guns must be strictly monitored and limited, hence they are solely designed to kill people, and contributed on increasing murder and mass shooting rate in the United States. The first reason handguns should be condemned is because more gun control will reduce gun deaths. Unlike the logic of those who claim for gun possession for lower crime rate, total of 460,433 innocent deaths were made by guns between 1997 and 2013. Among…show more content…
Statistics show that five women are killed with guns every day in the United States. Also, when the gun presents during a domestic abuse, a woman’s risk of being killed increases up to five times more than when the gun is not involved. Same applies to the stalking crime. Over 30 states do not prohibit sentenced misdemeanor stalkers from owning guns, while 41 states do not force – only recommend – convicted domestic abusers to cede guns they already previously owned. 76% of the women murdered, and 85% of women survived from murder attempt by an intimate partner were stalked in the year before they were actually murdered or attempted to be
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