Gun Control Argumentative Essay

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The United States of America does not do enough to keep citizens safe from gun related violence. Some may argue that the second amendment gives the right to bear arms for self-defense but it can also be interpreted as an opportunity for others to become criminals. Many innocent students have died due to school related shootings that have occurred in the past. Guns are one of the leading causes of death in America. Statistics have proven that without guns it would be harder to kill someone and therefore the amount of deaths during an act of violence would dramatically decrease. Surveys conducted in the past few years have shown that stricter gun control laws can prevent future mass shootings. Current gun control laws aren’t enough to prevent…show more content…
A survey conducted by The Huffington Post shows that “40 percent overall say that making gun laws stricter would help prevent such events; 14 percent of Republicans and 62 percent of Democrats agree” (Harper). This survey indicates that majority of the Democrats agree for stricter gun control laws. Also, this survey shows that the majority of the government does think more sufficient laws need to be put in place, however the government isn’t doing enough to keep the citizens…show more content…
According to Josh Levs, a journalist who spent 10 years working with CNN, “The National Rifle Association made clear Sunday it will not budge on its opposition to any new gun laws, despite heated criticism of the organization's response to the Connecticut school massacre” (Levs). In fact, the CEO of the NRA, Wayne LePierre, said that the stricter gun laws “won’t work” (Levs). LePierre is incorrect in saying that stricter gun regulations won’t work because Jill Koyama, an Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona, referenced a case study and reported that, “Missouri repealed a handgun law in 2007 that required all handgun purchasers to verify that they had passed a background check,” and as a result “the murder rate increased by 16%, adding 55 to 63 murders per year”

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