Thesis Statement For Gun Control

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Quyen Tran Dr. Biedenbach English 1102-07 10 November 2014 Subclaim #3 Working Thesis Statement: The United States needs to have gun laws that allow upstanding, law-abiding citizens to have more ready access to guns, while at the same time preventing mentally unstable or dangerous people from having access to them. Because of many violent crimes in the United States have involved guns make some people think that guns are so dangerous to their lives. They argue that guns should be banned to reduce the crimes in every year. Although, some argue that guns have been used in most of crimes by mentally ill; those metals could not control themselves and they might just use guns without knowing the results of attacking others. Those ones think that they should have right to use guns to…show more content…
They believe that the government should make more laws to protect guns from the mentally ill instead of banning guns. In the United States, twenty-one year-old or older people who have a good resume can own a gun. The purpose is to use in an emergency such as protect themselves from bad people while waiting for the police officers coming but not for the purpose of killing people. An example from the year 2012, there was a murder who is a good student without any criminal recorded had used gun and killed many innocent kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School with no reason. As people found out that murder had problem of his nervous system; he might watch many video games and wanted to act as the characters in there to get the attention from someone else. From here, the researcher Benjamin Domenech states “No law can make the
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