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The United States of America has many trending issues going around these days. From political elections, same-sex marriage and foreign policy. The list goes on and on. One of the major problems that is trending is gun control. Granted to we Americans in the Constitution, it is a right to bear arms but, should everyone be granted this right? Recently, the father of a Virginia reporter who was shot on live television is taking action in gun control. After the shooting, Andy Parker, the reporter's father, announced that he wants to take action after his daughter was shot live on television (CNN). He wants to see the loopholes in gun control stricter making it harder for one to legally purchase a fire arm. One of Parker's main concern was how the murderer of his daughter, Bryce Williams, known as Vester Flanagan, attained a gun.…show more content…
He was in and out of jobs due to conflicts with co-workers. Williams motive of shooting the reporter was because of racial slurs the reporter allegedly said towards him (CNN). Shafer, San Diego 6 News Director, hired Williams but eventually had to fire him for his "strange behavior" (CNN). Williams purpose related back to the Charleston Church shooting in which nine African Americans were killed. Back to Parker, he said that he will become an advocate for gun control (CNN). He has appointed to California measure that guns should be taken away if a person is considered to be mentally ill. Parker's biggest concern is that those with mental issues should not bear arms. Now the biggest question is what is considered mentally ill? Does one have to be diagnosed by a doctor to purchase a gun and license? But what about guns that are illegally purchased from the black market. How is there a way to prevent purchases from the black market? This will always be a problem that the government could not monitor 100 percent. These guns are imported on ships from foreign

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