Gun Control Persuasive Speech

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Gun control is a big discussion in the Canadian government. Should people be able to own them? If so, where can they buy guns? When can they own a gun? What kind of guns can they own? But also, why should people be able to own guns? Lots of people disagree with this. They feel as if no one should be able to own guns. Guns are mostly used for self defense and if no one has guns, no one is in danger, right? Well that's their belief but there's also a lot of people who think we should be able to own guns. They think everyone should be able to purchase a gun no matter what. When people can own a firearm, if they’re capable of owning a firearm, & who should have access to them should be limited. Age does not measure the level of your maturity…show more content…
It really doesn't make sense for an 18 year old to own a gun just because they're of age and has a gun license. What is their intentions with it? We'll never know why they even want to own a gun. Why should he/she/they be able to own a gun? So when should people be able to own a firearm? Lot of people say 25. Your brain fully develops by the age of 25 but that doesn't necessarily mean you are capable of owning a gun. Getting a gun license for firearms is a very easy test to pass. They should make the test a lot harder. They should add logical questions such as “what is the sole purpose of this firearm?". They should also do a mental health test to see if people are capable of owning firearms. They should make a code that only the government and the gun store knows. It’s very easy to fake a license and the government should make arrangements with stores. The police and the military should be the only ones who should have access to firearms. They can also use it while training. They shouldn’t be able to have it for personal use. For police, they should be able to train for atleast a year to be able possess firearms while on duty. For the military, they should train for a minimum of 18-months. It should be longer for the military since they fight in bigger

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