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  • Normative Ethics Definition

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    CLASSIFICATION OF ETHICS Ethics is separated into explanatory ethics (which provides the scientific description of what ethics is), normative ethics (which involves both the standard normative ethical theory and also its application to particular disciplines, actions, classes of actions), and meta-ethics (which is about the methods, the meaning and the language of ethics) Nelson, K. A. (2006). • Explanatory Ethics are scientific description of ethics. Sound logic for ethics is presented. These moral

  • Essay On Sustainable Economic Development

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    Economics is a body of wisdom (a science) that has certain theories, values, methods, and assumptions. One particular goal of economists is to understand how to produce goods for society in the most efficient practice and manner. This is achieved by having a well furnished and better understanding of human activities in a market system. Environment is the vital, important and fundamental issue for everyone. Since climate change and global warming of the world is continuing, society demands that

  • Inside The Doomsday Machine Analysis

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    The best-selling non-fiction book of Michael Lewis entitled The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine is about the creation of the credit and housing market in the year 2000’s and its relationship to the emergence of the well-known financial crisis of the early 21st century. This book describes some of the key elements of credit swap industry that aimed to bet against the bubble mortgage debt obligation and gained profit during the 2007-2010 financial crisis. The book also discussed the opinions

  • High Cost Of Textbook

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    Summary #1 The author talks about when students who are going to return or to start their studies in colleges or universities, they will face the high cost of tuition and rooms fees as well as they have no way to escape from spending a lot of money in order to buy textbooks that are required for several classes. This means that nowadays the cost of textbooks is increasing more and more. Moreover, the high cost of textbooks may be considered as a major issue for students who are already cash-strapped

  • Dividend Policy Literature Review

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    2. Literature Review 2.1 Theoretical Review Given that there are many contentious issues surrounding dividend policy, many researches were conducted in an attempt to unravel the dividend puzzle. The earliest study on dividend policy was performed by Lintner (1956) who conducted his research on American companies. He concluded that dividend decision is largely based upon the current profitability and the previous year’s dividends. This is due to the assumption that investors prefer a certain rate

  • Why Do Nurses Go Back To School

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    Being a professional nurse and working can always go back to school if you desire to do so. Nurses with associate’s degree in nursing or diploma in nursing should be encouraged to go back to school by the employers. Finance is big issue with most of the nurses, busy life with family and work it is hard to go back to school. Full support from the family, friends and colleagues will be of great help. Advancing the profession of nursing improves the standard of care, patient satisfaction and improved

  • Youth Unemployment In Kenya

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    ensuring they become long term businesses. The research will enable the YEDF to establish the management skills of those who are beneficiaries of the fund, in terms of education level and experience. It will check if they are able to manage their finances, assets and their finished products. This will ensure that the YEDF officials to be able to help the groups in managing thus there will be improvement of the business. The study was also to establish how monitoring and evaluating will improve the

  • Explain How Governments Should Play Active Roles In Managing Short-Run Instability In The Economy

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    al Written Assignment) “Governments should play active roles in managing short-run instability in the economy caused by unemployment and inflation problems.” Do you agree with the above statement? Please explain your view.     Governments should play active roles in managing short-run instability in the economy caused by unemployment and inflation problems. Unemployment Unemployment is the state where people are unemployed. This happens when there are new or re-entrant in the workforce or people

  • Critical Success Factors Of SME

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    Topics: Critical Success Factors of Micro & Small Enterprises 1 Introduction This paper examines the Critical Success factors (CSF) of Micro & Small Enterprises in Nigeria. The specific objectives of the paper are to provide understanding of Critical Success factors (CSF), Identify and discuss the critical success factors in SMEs in Nigeria. 2 Critical Success Factors (CSFs) Defined Although initially used in the world of data analysis and business analysis, Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) are

  • The Importance Of Sustainability In Business

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    innovative must be prominent priority. Building the culture, like, cross-functional teamwork, risk taking, openness to change and learning, trust and diversity. Establishing the organizational practices such as, how different departments like HR, Finance and IT would interact with the core business. By taking, one good start is to include sustainability as a