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  • Banking System In Pakistan

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    comprising of a State Bank, which is a federal entity and has a central role in the banking sector of Pakistan. State bank has a very wide range of various private and national commercial and other banks that deal in specific areas such as consumer finance, agriculture and other financial institutions. State bank also regulate banking sector through its policies and physical inspection. However Banking System of Pakistan has adopted rough and tough

  • Limitations Of Supply Chain Management

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    Supply Chain Management Q1) In today’s business environment, no enterprise can expect to build a successful product, process, or service advantage without affiliating their strategies with those of the supply chain system in which they are heavily linked. The literature examined for the purpose of this essay identifies the many different definitions of Supply Chain Management and the overall effectiveness of supply chain management to a business in the twenty first century. This essay also highlights

  • Lehman Brothers: The American Dream

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    Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the American dream as, “a happy way of living that is thought of by many Americans as something that can be achieved by anyone in the United States especially by working hard and becoming successful.” This “American dream” appeals to many immagrants and draws them to the United States where they hope to turn their lives around for the better. Entrepreneurs such as Jerry Yang, the founder of Yahoo and Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo, are immigrants that proved

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Demonetization

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    replaced with new notes or coins. Sometimes a country completely replaces the old currency with new one. The dictionary meaning of demonetization is “to deprive (a metal) of its capacity as a monetary standard” or to withdraw from use as currency”. Finance minister Arun Jaitely said that demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes will expand the size of economy, increase revenue base and make the system cleaner while preserving its credibility. Demonetization is the act of changing the existing currency

  • The Hegemony Of English In China

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    The hegemony of English and the response in China Under the background of economic globalization, the infiltration and integration of languages and cultures in every country is spreading. English, as a language spreading quickly, has been influencing almost every domain in Chinese modern daily life. China is the only country which preserves its own language with a history of more than 5,000 years; even so, it is faced with the challenge from other languages, especially English. From my perspective

  • Hotel Business Case Study

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    Interview Marriott Courtyard hotels are a global lodging company operating in 122 countries with the headquarters at Bethesda Maryland Washington DC. The chain of hotels was founded by Allice Marriott and Willard in the mid-1900. Managing over 6000 properties through franchise and operation of hotels, corporate housing properties and timeshare properties the company managed to report revenue of 17 billion dollars last year. Here is an interview with one of the managers Bruce Hoffmeister, Global Chief

  • Technological Impact On Employment

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    recover from the tax cuts can help to invest in training of the workers to upgrade their skills and restructure the educational system to respond to the rapid global economic system changes. The fiscal and monetary policies can also help individuals to finance their regular trainings if their disposable personal income increases. I find that the rapid development of technology affects negatively employment because the system of education nowadays is not yet prepared to face the global changes in economic

  • Argument Essay On Social Darwinism

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    Another aspect of this is how the “less fit” human beings have been treated. Women, homosexuals, and people of color have always had it hard and have widely been oppressed. This oppression has often been justified by saying that they are not fit enough or else they would have been the same condition as a cis white male. Much of the recent research show that if the oppressed people on average cannot compete with the more privileged ones, it is only because they have not been given those opportunities

  • The Pros And Cons Of Amnesty International

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    specific tasks, which is used for a wide range of activities, including the medical diagnosis, electronic commerce, and control of the robot, and remote sensing. Amnesty International has been used to develop many fields and industries, including finance, health care, education, transport, and more. Artificial intelligence refers to the ability to computer technology for a variety of complex tasks for human beings. Despite being one of the science fiction novels, it rapidly became a part of daily

  • Importance Of Trust In Marriage Restoration

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    Trust in marriage restoration: the ultimate goal after a healthy separation After a healthy separation which involved your support systems, counselors and full commitment of both partners; finally your marriage is restored. There is no guarantee of a smooth ride you have to work smart to keep the fire burning especially when unfaithfulness was part of the reason for separation. The bottom line is that there is hope despite all the challenges both of you have had to undergo. The four main hurdles