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Metaphor is a word or phrase for one thing that is used to refer to another thing in order to show that they are similar. There are different types of metaphor. Metaphors used in poets and Novels, like the famous one. “All the world's a stage“ -Shakespeare. Conventional metaphor “I invested myself fully in this relationship” “I wandered lonely as a cloud” Some metaphors we use in day to day life, the reason to this study is to take Natural Language processing to next level that will help us to develop sofisticated Artificial Inteliigentce for future systems. The use of metaphor is ubiquitous in natural language text and it is a serious bottleneck in automatic text understanding. Why it’s called bottleneck? : when we speak a language,…show more content…
The met* method provides a means for recognizing selected examples of metonymy and metaphor and also anomaly and literalness. The met* method is based on the selection restriction, also known as the preference. Metonymy, metaphor, literalness and anomaly are recognized by evaluating preferences, which produces four kinds of basic "preference-based" relationship or semantic relation: literal, metonymic, metaphorical, and anomalous. Within the method, the main difference between metonymy and metaphor is that a metonymy is viewed as consisting of one or more semantic relationships like CONTAINER FOR CONTENTS and PART FOR WHOLE, whereas a metaphor is viewed as containing a relevant analogy. Metonymy is viewed as a kind of domain-dependent inference. The process of finding metonymies is called metonymic…show more content…
If the combination is not observed in the data with sufficient frequency, the system tags the sentence containing it as metaphorical. Automatic Metaphor Interpretation Metaphor interpretation is the process of finding intended literal meaning of the metaphorical expression. One such system is MIDAS and system by Veale and Hao. Metaphor Interpretation, Denotation and Acquisition System, the logic behind this system is the conventional metaphors descend from general metaphors. It searches it's database which explains the anamoly relationship of the corresponding metaphor. If it does not find any it abstracts from the example to more general concepts and repeats the search. If it finds a suitable general metaphor then it creates a mapping for its descendant. MIDAS is integrated with Unix Consultant that answers the questions for UNIX. When a question is asked the Unix Consultant tries to find the answer by itself , when it can't find one then MIDAS is called. MIDAS helps in finding the metaphorical statements. This is one of the pratical aplications. Veale and Hao Talking points, which is fluid knowledge representation for metaphor

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