Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization

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I. Introduction The world we are living these days is rapidly changing with high and fast increasing of development in technology. Technology itself is a big contributor of uniting each separate society into a global society; Globalization. Several meanings of globalization are as wide as it can be interpreted in any circumstances we are having today, in any concept of aspects, such as economy, trade, development, culture, and so one. Globalization refers to a full accessibility that every country can be interconnected to an extent which cannot be experienced before. This implicates that countries can freely trade, exchange their opinions, shorten the distance and tear down the barriers which was impeded the free flow of trading and exchanging. All these changes are having the one and only aim, which is the better choice for better world. The world already made their decisions to move on to the better future and to be more united for…show more content…
Here is more detailed explanation of advantage that globalization can afford to world leaders and world economy: However, for a state that is integrated into the global economy, there exists a ‘‘middle path’’ between fighting and just talk. The ability of capital to flow freely into and out of a national economy provides leaders vying for prosperity with incentives to appeal to the market. In other words, globalization let the leaders to take the “middle path” to maintain more peaceful and even profitable to socioeconomic in global society. In this aspect, integration of market economy is indispensable process for promoting the world society to be more wealthy and stable in terms of global trade and finance system. Globalization has contributed to huge rise in global trade and that led to change in supply chains worldwide, and more importantly, there has been a hung increase in global
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