Entrepreneurship In India

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Abstract: Entrepreneurship plays an important role in the growth and development of national economies. This study looks at two highly developing countries, the India and Mexico, and compares entrepreneurial ecosystem activity in both countries. Mainly six characteristics are analyzed which contribute to the differences that impact entrepreneurial ecosystem. These include culture, finance, R & D transfer, business support, policy, Human capital, infrastructure and markets. For the analysis of data descriptive statistics, SPSS tools are used in the current study to generate results for interpretation Keywords: Entrepreneur Ecosystem, India, Mexico, Comparative between India and Mexico INTRODUCTION: According to Researches entrrepreneurship…show more content…
Government officials have more interest in the current administration to promote risk capital and they are encouraging entrepreneurship in Mexico. India Tax and regulation for entrepreneur activities in India is not conductive and the country stands 19th position in G20 countries. Recently in India they have introduced GST tax system is a single tax on the supply of goods and services, right from manufacturer to customer, due to GST there will be possible reduction in prices, Increase in government revenues, less compliance and procedural cost Particularly in India for the promotion of small industries they are conducting certain training programs and support initiatives at national level organised by some of the central government institutions like National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship development, National Institutions for Entrepreneurship and small Business Development. Some of the state level organisations like ALEAP have also supported the centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Detroit of India which included giving concessional credit, marketing assistance etc. R & D…show more content…
Still half of the population in the country is illiterate The study confirmed that investment in human capital in India has to be to meet the challenge of poverty and to meet the aspiration of the people for better levels of living in the modern world to eliminate or at least reduce technological dependence on other countries and thus to free the country from colonial and neo colonial dominance and to enter the international market in industry and trade on a competitive basis to reap the benefits of economic liberalization and

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